Good Morning

A bit of a nip in the air today, but up to now no rain, although I think there might be a couple of drops later. As I am not going anywhere or have any plans, so no problem. The view is nice and clear towards the south. Mr. Swiss had his vaccination yesterday. Switzerland has now received material, enough to cover the golden oldies like myself. I will be having my jab on Monday afternoon and then we both wait for the second jab at the end of March. By coincidence we will be having it on the same day, although different times. You have to go when they call you up and cannot play with the time. I met one of my golden oldie neighbours yesterday and he said he will be going for his first jab next Friday, so things are moving along at last. We have the Pfizer vaccine which I believe originates in the States, although we are getting it via Germany. Mr. Swiss was feeling quite tired after a couple of hours and so he was off to an early night. He slept well and everything is now back to normal. He managed to get to the vaccine place and back with no difficulty with his scooter. However, he had forgotten to take his stick with him, which he needs for support when walking around. This was no problem, and the guy at the center fetched a wheelchair for him. He said he felt like a VIP as he was pushed around at leisure and brought to his scooter outside, in the wheelchair. Everyone was very helpful

This morning was a cat visiting day for their usual tasty bits. Roschti sits patiently outside waiting for his treats.

However this cat is getting more adventurous every day and enters the appartment in the morning. This morning she decided to explore the kitchen and jumped up on the surface where I have my meat slowly thawing out from the freezer. I ventured to give her an ear cribble and stroke over her head and she was quite happy, waiting for more. She took a stroll around and eventually took up her position outside for a few treats. I had 3 cats for 18 years and the last one left last year for her 10th life, so I love to see my visitors, although they actually own a couple of my neighbours.

Here is a photo of one of the storks that arrived last week from wherrver they go to in Winter I think ours are not so adventurous and are usually in Spain or North Africa, She might even be already sitting on an egg waiting for the first new arrival, We have a couple of these towers in the neighbourhood and I think they were originally for something electric, but no longer used, so the storks have taken them over. This one is just outside one of the high schools. It is apparently annoying when they make a nest on chimey stacks as removing the tons of material can be a problem in Winter.

The surrounding fields are quite bare at the moment, but it will not be long before the farmers begin to plant the crops and some life returns to the area. The trees are still quite bare, but there will probably be an explosion of new green leaves soon.

And I am now off to some housewife chores, just a little bit of tidying up. I was eating peanuts again in the living room yesterday evening whilst reading and they do tend to spread and multiply on the floor although my trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner will quickly remove them. Have a good day, may the sun shine somewhere, otherwise just be patient. Eventually it will appear. Even snow has its pretty moments.

I pass this house every time I wheel off along the road. It has such interesting trees in the garden.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning! I just happened to be up, but must get to sleep now. It is a quarter to one.
    If storks deliver babies, who delivers baby storks?
    Those trees in the last picture are pollarded. That technique is stigmatized here because it is rarely done properly like it is done everywhere else. I just wrote about it recently. I typically get in trouble with my colleagues for writing about it; so I wrote about it more in accordance with their standards this time, only to get in trouble with English arborists.

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  2. Good morning … good to hear Spring is coming to your village. I think the plant that makes the Pfizer vaccine is actually in Belgium although I could be wrong. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. SLP …

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    • We really have wonderful weather at the moment, although I have heard it will turn in the next few weeks. It is really early for this year. I also think if it made in Belgium. I am just glad that it has arrived.


  3. The storks fly to Africa and come back across Israel as the land bridge between continents, though storks may be strong enough flyers that in good weather, they can cross the Mediterranean on their wings. Some of them have settled in Israel and no longer migrate. They discovered fish farming which to them looks like an endless food bowl.

    We are off in a few minutes to get Garry down to Dartmouth for his second vaccination. My first will be Monday and a lot closer, but this one — because it’s also snowing lightly — is going to be a much longer drive. Maybe we will have a much better summer. It has been such a long year.

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    • They ring our storks so they see where they go eventually. We used to have a large stork colony along the river. It is still there, but they now let the storks fly and nest where they want to. They seem to find enough food here.
      Good luck on your vaccinations


  4. Good afternoon, the sun is shining this morning. There was a dusting of snow this morning. Yesterday we all kinds of weather, clouds sunshine and a blizzard. I got my glasses and it is great to see items again. We went to the Bread Store to get more GF foods, I even got licorice, hard to find GF it. I had some GF cinnamon muffins which were delicious. It is nice seeing Roschti and your visiting cat, A good cat fixed. Good luck when you get your vaccine. The trees in your last picture are intriguing. My first thought was the pruning of the trees. Have stress free evening and enjoy your selection.

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    • Our sun arrived this afternoon but I decided to relax at home. I prepared the mice loaf for tomorrow’s dinner and made a pizza for this evening. Also had an afternoon outside on the porch with my book. I love my visiting cats, especially as I no long have any myself. The trees form the surroundings of the local castle.

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