Good Morning

Good morning everyone. As the golden sun rises in the East it looks like another sunny day. Yesterday was great, sunny and warm, almost too good to be true. Mr. Swiss said something about a light rain today, but no sign of a cloud up to now. I will probably be at home, I did enough wandering yesterday.

The good news is that Mr. Swiss and I are going to be vaccinated. It all happened so sudden. I got a telephone message from the vaccination centre for an appointment on Monday with confirmation of the second appointment end March. It seems that our Kanton has now received enough supplies to do the necesary. In the evening Mr. Swiss got a personal telephone call to say he could be vaccinated today, so he will be one step ahead of me. We are both glad. I suspect that our Kanton has now recevied the long awaited supplies. Afterwards there was a feverish search for our immunisation cards where all our jabs are registered. We keep them in an iron safe box and I found them. At least those from me and Mr. Swiss. I even had a couple of cards from my British days when I was immunised against polio as a kid. So now we ar ready to go. However, the card from my No. 1 son was not there. He is not yet on the list for an immunisation, but will be in the next month or so and so I sent him on a quest to search in his desk hoping it would be there.

About half an hour later he appeared with his immunisation card, so he is now ready. We have to take them with us when the time comes, as well as our insurance card, which we always have with us. It is a free vaccination service but we have to prove that we are insured.

I again ventured out yesterday afternoon for a wheelie. I just had to make the most of the wonderful weather and the sunshine. Vitamin D drops are Ok as a substitute, but the real sun is always better.

And look who I saw at the farm.

Our beautiful rooster was out and about showing his feathers off for the ladies. I am sure they were impressed and the result will probably be a lot of brooding with resulting eggs.

He is certainly somthing special. I have to laugh when he struts around with his very heavily feathered feet and legs.

There were also a few ducks around showing off their plumage.

And let us not forget the geese, although they make so much noise you cannot overlook them.

The horses were also out enjoying the weather. It was just a wonderful afternoon. I went a little further to the stork nest, but there was only one stork there and I only saw his head peeping through. At least they have arrived and there will soon be a family there. Everything is going so quickly at the moment, sometimes life can really be wonderful.

Meanwhile back at the Angloswiss ranch life was taking its usual course. I was talking to the neighbour and he confirmed that we are getting less and less birds. They are no longer so interested in feeding time as apparently they are finding plenty ot eat in the bearby forest. We are probably spoiling them too much. This blackbird arrived, but I think it was just a sighseeing tour. The gardener tidied up my garden yesterday and it is now looking muach better, so now I am really ready to go. Today will probably be a day at home. I will be getting a delivery this morning of some food supplies to get me through the weekend, including Monday.

And now to get on with my daily routine, no problem. Have a good day everyone. I say goodbye with yesterday’s photo of the local castle in the sun.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’ve got to like your village so much thanks to your beautiful reporting! I always loved Solothurn, also the fact that it’s bilingual. It’s true, spring is springing up on us, but sadly it won’t be permanent. It’s just too early. But I remember that we moved back to Switzerland exactly one year ago and that on the day of the great removal we all ate outside on the pation at our just installed garden settee…. and wasn’t it just the most glorious spring ever!? Maybe that’s what we will get from 2020 on…. earlier springs than ever!

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  2. Good afternoon, there is a cloud overcast and a strong wind. Your second and your last are both outstanding. Good luck with your vaccination. My glasses are in the store. Have a pleasant evening and stay safe.

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  3. I am so happy you will be getting the vaccine! That is wonderful news. I still don’t have mine, but I think Florida is getting more doses shipped to us, so I am hopeful. Vaccine, fluffy rooster, horses….all is good in the world! Have a great weekend, Pat.

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    • Switzerland got quite a large delivery so it looks like there will be vaccinations everywhere at the moment. We have the Pfizeer vaccine which we are getting from Germany although I think it is an American product.


  4. Good Day!
    The vaccine seems to be getting around. So many of the ‘high risk’ people here have gotten it. That includes even young people with other health complications that could be fatal in conjunction with the Corona Virus. I had never been too worried about it for myself it because I am quite healthy for my age, but really dislike when some of the older gentlemen I work with approach me unmasked before I can pull my mask on. (I get distracted while working, so do not always notice who is approaching.) They tend to be careful about it, but like me, they also tend to forget that they pull their masks down while working alone in remote situations.

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    • We have had quite a large delivery of vaccine in Switzzerland and now vaccinations are happening everywhere. My husband had his today, and I get mine on Monday. We both get the second jab at the end of February. There are so few people around in town at the moment, due to lockdown, there is no great problem. From Monday lockdown is mainly finished and the stores will be opened again. Only the restaurants stay closed.

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