Good Morning

Looks like another wonderful day today, The sun is, no has, risen. Although there is still a nip in the air it will soon disappear and today we are again promised temperatures of 20°C. It is almost unbelievable and rare for the month of February. My days of isolation are slowly coming to an end and in the afternoon I like to go places and enjoy the weather. Yesterday I was at home in the afternoon and made myself comfortable outside on the porch with a book abosorbing the sunshine.

In between I baked a bread for the evening meal. Alhough I say it myself, I have now really got the routine and it is no hard work, just a matter of having the time to let it rise and bake it afterwards. I do not have a lot of work with kneading the bread as my kitchen aid machine does it all for me. I just have to put the pastry on a floured surface and knock it into shape.

This morning I went a step further with my bread experiment. As it will be a wonderful day and I want to go places this afternoon (just a wheelie in the countryside) I would not have time for my bread. I decided to make time and so the experiment begun. When I stopped hugging the bed and taken my morning photo, I organised a pastry for a brown bread. I had an eye on the clock and found I only needed about 20 minutes for the pastry and to clean up the machine afterwards. I then fed my two visiting cats and the birds outside and did some routine stuff in the kitchen, including my breakfast. At 8.30 a.m. I was sitting at my computer in the kitchen with my breadfast and computer, so everything under control. I can now bake my bread this morning and it will be finished by midday.

Mr. Swiss charged up the battery to his scooter yesterday, so it might be that he is also planning the great escape today.

The birds are still here but probably no longer as the weather is really improving and they have nesting ideas. The first insects will soon be appearing and the vegan diet will be finished for them. Baby birds prefer something warm and living like a nice juicy worm. The flies have not yet arrived.

On my last wheelie thrugh the surroundings a few days ago I could hear the sounds of sawing and chopping and I discovered this pile of tree remains and branches ready to be removed. It is now the time to have a nature clean up. My gardener will be here this morning to do some garden preparations.

I had contact with son No. 2 yesterday. I just had to call him as there was a report in one of our online newspapers that in his little village there was a murder and afterwards a suicide. I just got curious and he said he heard the police car and ambulance. It was in the other half of his village, and he did not know those concerned, but it seems to have been a so-called relationship offence. Even in the backwoods of Switzerland we have our moments of excitement.

And now I should continue with the normal daily chores. Today it will be spaghetti with a side salad, no problem. I have all my groceries and tomorrow will be another delivery. From next Monday our minister has told us that all the stores will be open again as normal, just no restaurants. I no longer need stores so much. I am enjoying my new organisation of life and I am now concentrating more on home life. If our wonderful minister would get a move on with distribution of vaccine material (which we do not have) life would become a little easier for all or us.

Have a good day and hope you also get some sun, otherwise just make yourself comfortable at home, bake a bread, read a book or just enjoy what you are doing.

Even the heather is beginning to show its colour.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Ah, heather! I still do not understand why the British (English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish) are so fond of it, but I suspect that it is because it is common in Britain. I am not very familiar with it, but appreciated that someone sold many varieties of it at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show years ago. She was as serious about her heathers and heaths as others are about their Japanese maples. (Actually, I get tires of so many Japanese maples.) I believe that she was Scottish, but I do not remember. The only heather that I have any experience with is the big shrubby sort that gets quite tall. It was an abandoned cut flower crop where my Pa lived in Montara.

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    • Heather is one of the last plants in Autumn and often seen in Winter, but it no longer grows in the cold temperatures. However, in FebruIary it begins to flower again and is quite popular to buy in pots in the gardening stores. In England it is often found growing wild in various countryside areas. The Scottish highlands are apparently full of heather, alhoughI have never been there.

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  2. Good afternoon, the sun is shining and it is going to be another unsettled weather day. The was another police standoff yesterday. No one was killed and it was a successful police action. The new food gotten for Pumpkin is working and she eating it well and she is no longer wanting to eat all the time. We are still in winter as the trees are not putting on new leaves I hope you both had a good outing today and have a pleasant evening.

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    • Mr. Swiss decided to stay at home, so I was off on my own. It was wonderful weather, like a spring day with 20° C temperatures. I went for a wheelie around the castle grounds and through the cemetery. I also had a look at the tower they organise for the storks and they had already arrived.

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  3. Here we woke up to piles of snow but the sun is shining and the winds down for a change.  Looks like spring in your neck of the woods☺️

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  4. Reading about your early morning routine had me sitting in stunned silence. These days I don’t get up before 9.00 a.m. so to be ready and at the computer at 8.30 would be a miracle in my house. Then I like to spend a couple of hours reading my newspaper – best part of the day is the morning paper with a big pot of fresh, strong coffee. After that, shower, clean up, tidy up etc. Heavens, it’s nearly lunchtime! Mind you, I don’t go to bed much before 2.30 a.m. but mostly my lazy mornings are to do with the fact that I know that NO ONE will call unexpectedly nowadays as we are not permitted to mingle indoors. So, I lie in bed listening to the radio and arguing with the politicians who can be coerced on to the radio these days, potter to my heart’s content knowing i won’t be surprised while still in my dressing-gown, and take my time over breakfast. And meantime, your heather grows well and looks fantastic. I’ve only ever seen it on mountainsides. I thought we were lucky with 16 degrees, but your 20 beats us.

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    • I rise from 7.30-8.00 am. No problem during the morning, but I always have a 1-2 hour midday sleep after dinner. I usually go to bed 11-11.30 and I do not usually have problems with sleep. I just like to have a relaxed breakfast in the morning

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  5. You reminded me that I needed to take the bread (from the last batch Owen baked) from the freezer. I was up long before the crack of dawn this morning. Today’s the day they deliver vaccines and I swore i’d get one. Remarkably, despite how awful our distribution has been, they’ve been fixing it and with each fix, it’s WORSE. I don’t know how they do that. We live in a state with M.I.T. and a zillion highly ranked colleges and universities. This is a very smart state with a lot of brain power, especially in medicine and technology — but we can’t build a simple-to-use gateway so people can easily sign up for a vaccination? I know we don’t have enough vaccines, but our system is so bad that a lot of it gets wasted.

    I was very cranky about the whole thing and pretty much as I was ready to give up — the pharmacy site popped up for the first time. Unlike the MassVax sites run by either the Feds or the state, these are simple. They announce they have vaccinations. You click schedule, enter some minimal information and inside of five minutes, you’re ready to go. So I scheduled my vaccinations — both of them at time (when you schedule the first one, they automatically schedule the second one). If CVS Pharmacy can do it, why can’t the Feds or the state do it?

    But the good news is: I’M GETTING VACCINATED! I may actually get out of the house! Wow!

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    • It seems things are looking up here as well. Mr. Swiss is getting his first jab tomorrow and I will have mine on Monday. We are both getting our second jab end March


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