Good Morning

I am loving the slow change in the seasons. At last the cold, wet weather is taking a rest and the sun appears daily in the morning. Perhaps you might think I am showing the same photo daily, but I do not care. Every morning the same sunlight brightening up the start to the day, what could be better.

And I am getting out and about. Yesterday I took a trip to town. Mr. Swiss had a new medicine to pick up. They now have Vitamin D drops that you only take once a month and his doc had given a perscription. I am still taking the daily drops, although for me it ia a better solution. Once a month stuff I tend to forget. It was a good chance to have a word with the lady in the chemist shop about whether I should continue to take them and she said no problem. They do more good than harm. I am always careful about taking medicine.

The town was very empty and few people on the streets. All restaurants and stores are closed, only the grocery shops are open for business, although they also do not have a lot of customers. I order my food online. However, yesterday I had to replenish my supply of wine, not that we have a glass with the meal, but I use it for cooking. A meat dish is not the same without a dose of red wine, or white according to whether it is beef or chicken. I buy it in the liter bottles and always have two bottles in reserve in my store in the cellar. Mr. Swiss also had to have a supply of his coffin nails (cigarettes). At the age of 81 you no longer think about giving up and I no longer bother to say anything about it – no point.

I happened to scooter past our local vaccination center yesterday and one of the official guys was outside and asked if I was coming to be vaccinated. I took the opportunity to have a few words with him and told him I would have my vaccination now. Of course when he realised that it was one of my attempts at humour and that I did not have an appointment he said I would have to wait until I was called for. I had to laugh as no-one in our Kanton is being called for. Although they are dealing with 400 jabs a day (so he said) it is only the second jab, and otherwise the thousands of Solothurn Kanton inhabitants are still waiting. Our government seems to have missed the bus to buy enough material to deal with the population.

The pigeons have not yet deserted the town and they are brushing up their feathers determined to impress the next female that happens to hop past. This one wanted to get a real birds eye view of the scene.

As I entered town I saw that our St. Urs cathedral was now clad in scaffolding. Apparently there is work to be done on the blinds. Not so good for the tourists perhaps, it will be there for a few months. It was featured in the film about the American Gerneral Patton “Brass Target” when Hollywood once visited us in 1978 and a stuntman had a injury when he had to jump from the tower. He had a stay in the local hospital for a few days to recover. One of our Solothurn memories. I remember when it happened. Even Sophia Loren paid a short visit to the town for a few secenes, although most of the work was done by her double.

I have really been making up for lost time lately after being locked down throughout the winter at home, but the weather is now very inviting. I am catching up on lost moments by a visit to the local farm where even the horses were showing themselves outside. Now is a good time to visit the country areas when the vegitation is not so thick and you can see the shape of things to come.

The apple orchid is ready to go and it will not be long until the trees are blossoming. I called my gardner this morning to organise something for my garden. It is time for tree trimming and a general tidy up in the beds, although my son and I have cut down most of the bare stalks. The gardener will be coming tomorrow to do the necessary.

At home birdlife continues and I saw that Mr. or Mrs. Robin was again hopping around in the garden yesterday. It will not be long and the local birdlife will be gone as they all begin to build their nests and prefer some meat in their diet. Worms are always No. 1 on the menu. I am still scattering seeds and still have customers.

And now to move on. I have decided on a day at home today. This afternoon I will be relaxing in the garden with a book sitting in the shade to protect myself from the sunlight. What a wonderful choice. A few weeks ago I was sheltering indoors to protect myself from frost and snow.

Have a good day everyone, keep safe.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it is still dark outside at 6:00 AM. I am slowly getting used to my new setup. I have been able to identity 3 different birds. Kathy returned the food Pumpkin wouldn’t eat and 4 different kinds and dry food. She likes the first one and the dry food. Have a wonderful day.

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    • It’s a wonderful warm afternoon and I am outside on the porch armed with the computer, and my camera. My two adopted cat visitory are permanently visiting for some treats to eat. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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  2. Good Day!
    I went into town myself for the first time in a very long time. For the past several months, I had been avoiding the main street downtown when I get my mail. I literally stopped by the Post Office, and then drive around downtown to avoid going through to get to the other side. It is a long story, but I have been saddened by some of the changes there, and have been unable to take care of my planter box for a very long time. Finally, I drove straight from the Post Office to the Bank, right down the middle of town. It was not as bad as I thought it was, although it was weird to see all the tents to accommodate dining on the sidewalks and parking spaces. The saddest part was to see a new business that replaced a small coffee shoppe that had been there longer than I had been alive. It had been our hang out longer than I can remember. I was where we gathered after every historic event in town. We went there to clean up the mess as soon as the street reopened after the Loma Prieta Earthquake. We were there to pile sandbags during the Great Floods of 1982. When I left my home in a daze after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, (and Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham of Los Gatos were killed in Flight 93.) it was where I ended up. It was very saddening to see it gone now. Well, I needed to go downtown eventually. I can not avoid it forever. When I got to my planter box, I was pleased to see that, although it was in rather rough condition, the neighbor kept it presentable. I really need to go back to clean it up and plant flowers. It may be more than two more weeks before I can return.


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