Good Morning

This morning looks exactly like yesterday morning, so another pleasant day in my neck of the woods. I am really stressed for time this morning. The cleaning lady was here, I cleaned all my widows as I noticed during the Winter months a yellow layer had collected on them whieh was not so noticeable, espeially the kitchen from cooking and otherwise. They are now spotlessly clean at last. I just do not like dirty windows. Afterwarrds my online shopping arrived. This time it was a young lady chauffeur for a change and she told me she only started this week. She was very nice and did her job well.

I fully loaded the battery of my wheelchair during the night, so yesterday I was up and away to the local farm. It has been a long while and I was wondering if I would find any animals.

Of course I did and it seems the goose population as increased considerably. They had made themselves comfortable and greeted me with a chorus of goose noises. I discovered they are very loud creatures but some of them still managed to sleep.

I suppose if you have enough feathers to bury your head into, you do not hear the noise so much, although this one was still keeping an eye on things.

It was wonderful to get out into the fresh air again, although is some parts it did not smell so fresh. I do not know what type of muck the farmer was spreading, but it had quite a strong smell.

The alps were not showing themselves this time, so I just got the view of our village and in the background the hills of Kanton Bern.

And now I must go, dinner is cooking, I am a little late and have a few things to deal with. Even Mr. Swiss had to step in and help in the kitchen this morning. I had a few things to vacuum for the freezer and go down in the cellar. Have a good day everyone. Am not sure if I will be back, I should go into town this afternoon as I have a few things to get, and want to make the most of the good weather. Have a good day.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … good to know things are opening up and maybe Spring is coming !!! Three weeks to St Patrick’s Day … we are waiting … have a great day .. SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon, the sun is shining and the temperature is 38F/-4C. It will be warmer this afternoon. It looks like it will be a spring day as the birds are mating It is great that you could take a trip again. I do enjoy it when I am out but come tired out to go out for time. Pumpkin didn’t like the food we brought and refused to eat it. So Kathy has gone to the pet store to return the disliked food and other brands to try. Hope you had another trip in the afternoon.

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    • Cats can be very fussy about what they eat. It was a lovely day here, and I was in town at the chemists. The town is so empty. I am glad to get out , but am also glad to return home agai

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  3. I seem to be spending the majority of every day running errands. Mostly running them by phone, but not always. I have to drop off our tax papers tomorrow. We used to have them done locally at the senior center, but it’s closed since last March, so we have to drive the materials down to Rhode Island and have them done there.

    None of this leaves me much time to do anything I actually WANT to do. I’ve processed a lot of pictures, but haven’t had time to post most of them. I haven’t found a vaccine anywhere, though at least Garry will be fully vaccinated by the end of the month. One down, two to go!

    Tomorrow is supposed to be OUR beautiful day for the week. Mostly, it has been snowing or raining. Since it has warmed up, mostly rain, which is fine. You don’t have to shovel rain. Our pressure tank which takes the water from our well then pressurizes it so it will come out of faucets in the rest of the house decided to die this week and we had to borrow money, but when you have a well, you don’t have a choice. If you don’t fix it, there’s no water including in the toilets or shower. On the positive side, when everything is working, we have great water and very clean.

    Anyway, have managed to miss everybody’s posts for the past week because I’ve been on the phone or seeking a vaccination — or cooking — or feeding the birds. A few crows showed up this morning. The little “fisher crows,” not the bigger ones. I think we are beginning to see the start of migrations. I hope before we actually hit summer, I’m able to actually go out and become part of humanity again!

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    • I have stopped stressing around and trying to take it more easy. I was not very happy about my daily foutine. The morning is OK with a blog, my breakfast and the regular household work, but now we are gradually going towards Spring. Today we have a record temperature for February of almost 20°C and I am on the porch in the sun with my computer. I generally work on a few photos in the afternoon and have now again begun to go for a wheelie in the afternoon. I have given up with doing anything aboiut the Covid curse. It is here and I do my best to avoid it. Vaccinnation in Switzerland is a joke. They have no material and our little country has the so-called Kanton spirit, everyone looks after themself. I am registered for a jab, so is Mr. Swiss but in a population of about eight million they have only manage to jab about 60,000 up to now but intend to vaccinate two thirds of the population by Summer, although with what I do not know.They don’t have the material. I will wait and see and make the most of the gloriuous weather we have at the moment.
      I no longer really have to visit the store for food, they bring it to me so for the first time in my life I am a lady of leisure. I am slowly giving up on my blogs during the day and will write when I feel like it or have something to say, no more have to with me, but want to. My reading has suffered somewhat during the Winter and I have a few good books on my list. There is so much that can keep me busy without a computer. I am now deep into my bread baking and basically we eat only my own bread, although I have enough frozen if necessary.
      Mr. Swiss no longer eats so much, probably a sign of getting older. I still have appetite but just manage a plate full. No. 1 son usually finishes it all. We both have to be careful not to move too quickly, there is a danger of falling with both of us.
      And now to enjoy the outside world this afternoon. Keep safe and as well as possible. Where there are birds there is always a wonderful pasttime of watching them and taking photos.


  4. Enjoy your trip to town. I’m going for a walk shortly as we have sunshine wall to qwall today (and who knows what tomorrow will bring?) I think I saw a few minutes ago that the temperature was 17 degrees which is more than good enough for me and allows me to wear a lighter coat for walking.

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    • Today I am not going anywhere, that was yesterday and I enjoyed every minute of it outside. Today we have wonderful warm weather, almost 20°C and I am spending the afternoon on the porch with a book, a computer and my camera. There is always something to do. I am dressed in a comfortable short sleeved t-shirt and am warm enough, although if I go for a wheelie I still need a jacket for the headwind.


  5. Oh my, geese can be mean. While in Oklahoma, I met a goose who liked to sneak up behind the fainting pygmy goat and honk at them to make them faint. If they collapsed completely, he pounced on them and jumped up and down on their heads until they got up.

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