Good Morning

We got a sunrise this morning. It looks like the cold freezing snowy days of Winter are on tbeir way out, although never be too sure. They can return now and again as a warning, but I feel a lot better. Yesterday was a sunny warmer afternoon (12° C) and that is an invitation to shake off the cobwebs of Winter and escape, go out and sniff the fresh air and absorb nature (naturally with a distance to other humans). In the big wide open spaces a mask is not so important.

I saddled my wheelchair and decided to take it for a wheelie. I was a little apprehensive as I had not used it since before Christmas. It was not on top upload, but I had decided to do a practice run in the nearer parts of the village and no great distance. I managed to get away from the appartment and was on my way, passing the path down to the river. It looked very inviting, my first view of something a little different.

When I saw the row of trees on the near horizon I was really happy. It was like a new life and I was on my own. Sunday afternoon is probably not the chosen time for walks in our neighbourhood, but it did not bother me. Seeing the sights and breathing the fresh air again after being cooped up at home was reward enough, I did not need other humans, the trees were enough company. Yesterday there was a TV pogramme showing an area where it was ideal to hug trees (although hugging a tree is a bit solitary, they do not hug back). The people hugging the trees were taking it in turns on the same trees, even giving them a kiss now and again and naturally leaving their germs behind to be spread to the next hugger. Sometimes we should really be a little more thoughtful. Trees do not get covid, but the next tree hugger might. Just one of my quirky ideas. We golden oldies have strange thought patterns.

And then I saw this. I was still in the village, but on the high rise going towards the river and the alps were there in their full glory, from left to right Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. I had not seen them is such clarity for many months and now I realised my isolated life was getting less isolated. The days of outdoor life are reutrning, but with a little difference. My days of trips to the store for groceries are now over, also during the warmer months of the year. I have learned the advantages of online deliveries and no longer need to waste time with exhausting journeys choosing my food, I can now do it from my chair on the computer and have more time to really enjoy my journeys with the camera.

I even saw the moon and this was 4.00 p.m. reflecting the light of the sun. I was so surprised. My little excursion was so rewarding and I am now re-organising my life a little. When I returned home after my short but rewarding excursion I made myself comfortable in a sunny warm place on the porch with a book. I had regenerated my Kindle which was quite dead and again began the book I started half a year ago. I had already read about 100 pages, but had lost the thread, and so decided to become a reader again. It was wonderful in the open air surrounded by the sounds of nature. Oh the joys of the warmer days again. Athough I enjoy my Good Mornings here, I will probably not be around so much during the day, unless the weather is not so good. Wheeling around in the rain is not so good, which will be my opportunity to write more, otherwise my routine is changing a little. I want to enjoy my new found freedom as long as I can.

I also had a visit from these two in the afternoon. also enjoying their freedome of movement. They were probably also surprised to see me outside.

I am not sure what I will be doing today, I am not making plans, that is boring. I prefer to be spontaneous. Have a good day everyone and enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Oh my! You escaped the house! It sure is pretty outside.
      When I was a kid in the early 1970s, it was cool to hug trees. I had no problem with that, since I was already a horticulturist before kindergarten. Nowadays, ‘treehugger’ is a derogatory term for someone who believes that trees have more rights than people, and who makes my job difficult.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day it was! We too went down to our cute little lake and joined hundreds and hundreds of other sun and fresh air seekers. It was a most beautiful feeling.

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  2. Now I have a proper idea of whereabouts you are because I drove to the Eiger when I was staying in CH. As it happened, it was pouring with rain so I saw nothing and carried on to Interlaken instead. I’ve had much more fruitful visits to see the Matterhorn instead.

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    • Although by motorway we need about one and a half hours to get there. We spent many summer holidays with the kids in the Bernese overland and got to know the place quite well. I have never seen the Matterhorn, that is in another area.

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          • Yes I remember Montreux. I stopped there and it was lovely. Years later, when I was married, we stayed in the mountains not far from Evian and explored the area again, visiting Lausanne on the ferry.

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          • That is interesting. Mr. Swiss and I stayed a couple of nights in Lausanne for our 25th wedding anniversary. We got the boat from Lausanne to Evianf for an excursion and I had forgotten to take my identity card with me, but the French accepted my Swiss train annual pass as that also had a photo..


  3. Good morning … great photos … the Alps look so close but on the map I see they are far … I think we are all turning a corner on the seasons … my beacon is always St Patrick’s Day .. March 17 .. once we get to that in our environs .. it is all downhill to spring … fingers crosses .. .have a great day. SLP …

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    • I am hoping that the cold days are now gone. It is according to the atmospheric conditions how close the alps look. we need 90 minutes to get there by car on the motorway. My beacon is already here and I was out again today.


  4. You escaped!! The pictures are beautiful. And your little visitors are not used to seeing you gone! This photo is sweet…Roschti might be having a drop-in guest!

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    • Yes I did and it was great. I was out again today. This time I went a little further to test if my wheelchair was in good condition. As long as the food troughs are full I don’t think the birds are bothered so much.

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  5. Good afternoon, our weather is unsettled with temperatures in day lower 50, night time between 20-30 F. It is great you were able to go out in your wheelchair. That added to your day. I enjoyed seeing Roschti and his friend closer together. I thought I was through with the yearly checkup but I had another call this morning. Have stress-free rest of the day.

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    • It is still quite pleasant here during the day although can get quite cold during the night. I uploaded the battery on my wheelchair last night and went on a longer journey today. It is songood to get out again. I don’t have to go to the stores as I am still having the goods delivered

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