Good Morning

What a misty morning this was when I looked out of the window. Nevertheless I ventured outside for a photo. It is no longer so cold, although I did have my padded long coat on. Standing outside in my nightdress is not exactly the thing to do, you never know who might be looking, although I did have my radio playing. My favourite classical piece was accompanying me, the Karelia Suite by Sibelius, and when you have that as loud as it gets it can wake up the neighbours.

So now that you are also awake I will continue. My next step was to the kitchen when I realised with dismay that there was only a pathetic piece of bread left, hard and dry (the end piece), but I am prepared for everything.

I always have frozen toast bread in the freezer which thaws in a minute, so whilst I was making my tea I prepared the toaster and was soon sitting comfortably at the computer with a breakfast, after smothering the toast with some butter and jam.

In the meanwhile I noticed the sun had arrived, so another excursion to the outside world hoping for an astounding sunrise. Even here the clouds were interrupting, but it was at least a little brighter. And this was all happening in my first half hour in the awakening world.

My robin also appeared. Sorry a little blurry on the photo, but I was using my mobile phone and he was a little far away and I had to down size the photo. I have not seen him (or her) for some time and thought I had been deserted. However, the coast was clear and he did not have to share the food with the greedy well fed sparrows, although the robin is also getting a spare tyre around the breast.

I decided to make a chilli con carne this evening, meaning that I will be baking a bread to go with it. We prefer to eat it with bread, although many choose rice as an accompaniment which is not our idea of a good chilli.

The blackbird was also on a visit yesterday. This is a male as they have the better colourful beaks and the black feathers. It will soon be time to find a partner and the nesting season will begin.

I am now planning next week’s food, although I should use some of my meat reserves in the deepfreezer.

I found this lamb rack in the freezer which will do nicely for lunch. I usually cut it into fair sized pieces. Afterwards I can fry them with some herbs and a nice portion of garlic which will do nicely with some french fries from my air fryer and as a veg I thought some chicory would complete the meal. Such are the pleasures of a golden oldie in exile. Mr. Swiss gave a nod of approval. The good thing is it is not a lot of work and no long cooking time. In 30-40 minutes everything will be ready, and in between a bread dough will be rising for the evening meal: all a matter of logistic and planning.

Now to the active part of the day with some housewife chores to keep my limbs working. Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the week-end, just make the most of it. I saw this finch again watching from his tree.

At least I think it is a finch.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos .. sounds like you have a full day in the kitchen to prepare the meals. We are VERY cold here .. only 10 degrees above zero Fahrenheit … maybe minus 20-25 C. … very cold … take care .. enjoy the warmth … and have a great day … SLP …

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    • My kitchen work is now finished. I just have to cook the evening meal, but no big deal. It is now almost like a Spring day here with the sun shining everywhere.


    • Lamb is not really a Swiss thing. We have sheep but it is not one of the main animals is Switzerland, more an extra. I got my taste for lamb from my British background. They often sell lamb imports from Britain here in the Swiss stores.

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  2. Good afternoon, the sun is shining and it will be an unsettled day. Your evening sounds good. I have used chili with potatoes, rice, and by itself. I had a busy day yesterday, a telephone interview, then a trip to the new Costco store for Imy new eyeglasses. I like caramels and they had them. It was a nice break from my usual routine but I was tired and read the rest of the day. The powers in charge have lifted some of the pandemic rules. Have a wonderful evening.

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    • Good afternoon, almost evening, but the sun is shining here, almost Spring weather and the garden is full of crocus and snowdrops. Today I baked a bread and now my chilli is cooking for the evening meal. Otherwise it will be a relaxed evening. It certainly makes a change when you can do something out of the routine. Now the weather is getting better I will probably be going out more. Although we have not been vaccinated, cases are reducing here. Wishing you a good day.

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