FOWC with Fandango: Superior

Let’s be honest, there is a new wave of feeling better than the others, even a little superior.

“I had my Covid jab today. Didn’t hurt at all, and no ill effects afterwards.

“My arm hurt, and I felt a little drowsy, but after a day it all disappeared. Have you had your second jab?”

“Not yet, but I have an appointment for in three weeks. What about you?

“Same here, and you?

“Not yet, but I am on the list.”

And so the person on the list was really feeling a little inferior to the other two who already had their protection from the virus.

Is it becoming a status symbol. Are the jabbed few superior to those that have not yet been jabbed? Of course not, it is a luck of the draw and having enough underlying complaints, or being one of the chosen golden oldies.

I feel very inferior, unimportant. The Swiss have forgotten me and all those that I know. On the other unjabbed arm I supposed I can be glad that I do not have the hairy pea infection. Perhaps I am imune. No good feeling superior about it, you go when you have to go (I mean the jab of course, what were you thinking).

FOWC with Fandango: Superior

12 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Superior

  1. Are you saying you got the jab or you’re on the list for it? I’m happy for anyone who manages to get vaccinated. It seems to be taking a very long time, but we are way way behind because of a certain orange stain.

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  2. What list? All I’ve heard is “Everyone who wants one will get one by the end of June.”, maybe/probably/we hope/ dunno!/…
    They don’t even know who had it. or who gave it. Statistically numb!
    Meanwhile, I play it safe and wait………….

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    • We just don’t have enough vaccine for everyone. At first the seniors in homes were vaccinated. And afterwards other golden oldies. It is now 75+ and those with underlying health problems. I registered online and now silence. I managed to call and was told that we don’t have enough to jab, so am still waiting and avoiding contact with others. It seems to be becoming a sort of status symbol

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      • I don’t know what to believe. I’m not registered and haven’t heard or seen anything about that. I heard that Phizer is now ready to send our next order by the end of March, (delayed by 2 weeks at least) So much for the second jab for some.
        I also saw that individual people and organizations are buying it. So money definitely talks. I’ll be 70 this year. I guess I’m fairly healthy. You know what it’s like at our age.
        I go out once every two weeks to a small local store to buy canned goods and paper etc. Not much.
        I just stay put. It’s funny because I talk outloud sometimes to be sure my voice is still working LOL!! Keep smiling!! ~sigh~

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        • I don’t know where you are in the world, but I am in Switzerland. Our vaccines are also delayed. I could register on line with the Swiss authorities. I am 74 years old, have MS and diabetes so have a letter from my neurologist, so have a little priority. As you say, money talks.

          I also manage a visit to the store about once a month, mainly for frozen goods, Every thing else I order online twice a week which is very well organised here with prompt delivery and no extra cost, but I too am now more isolated. During the Winter it was almost impossible to go anywhere due to the snow and cold temperatures. I depend on my scooter or wheelchair combined with help from my Walker. I no longer have a car and my husband is a few years older than I am and even less mobile. I can still hobble around at home. The problems with the pandemic are not helping.

          I know what you mean with talking outloud. I tend to listen to music with my EarPod. It helps and I don’t disturb anyone. My other half has his nose in a book most of the time. Being a golden oldie is really not fun.

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          • I live in Canada in an apartment. I’ve never driven a car and so I walk or bus if I want to go anywhere. With the pandemic I don’t want to go far. I’ve always been a kind of loner by choice but having no choice is getting to me. Even if I want to get up and go I think more than twice about it. I have a nice balcony with sparrows as company.
            I could take a short walk but now with the winter and tons of snow it’s iffy. At least I have my balcony for fresh air and sun. I’ve never felt like a “Golden Oldie” until the pandemic limiting possibilities. I feel like I’ve aged a lot in a year. WP friends seem to always be out there. 🙂💜
            Take good care and stay safe.

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  3. Here in kenya we haven’t been japped.I hear them sayying in 3 weeks time ,everyone will be jap free of charge.So i wait and see.but in the meantime we keep on wearing mask to avoid contracting the virus.stay safe as we look forward for jap.

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