RDP Monday: Robust

Why do we have a headquarters for an anti Covid jab? Why is there always an official guy standing outside? It is a mystery to me. I have been waiting for at least a month, since I sent my official request for a jab. I contacted my neurologist as I was actually a year too young to qualify and he issued immediately a document to prove that I should be vaccinated. I have MS and diabetes and that, in the eyes of the Swiss government is enough to prove that I need the jab. In the meanwhile I am observing that Israel have vaccinated almost their entire population, that the British (of whieh I was originally) are on their way to vaccinating the complete population. Vaccinations can be made at your doctor’s surgery, sometimes even in a chemists, but we Swiss all have to go to the official center in your state for the vaccination. For me it is no great problem, just along the road.

This evening I took the situation in my own hands, on the telephone and discovered a telephone number to contact. There was an immediate answer and it seems I was through to the official Swiss country centre. They could not really help me so much as it is a kantonal problem, but the guy on the phone was very helpful and said the problem in Switzerland was getting supplies of the necessary matrial for a jab. It is coming from America, perhaps Scandinavia, or Germany and there is just not enough. It seems there was enough for Israel. The Brits have their own but we Swiss are still waiting. Inhabitants of senior homes have already got their vaccine and now it is finished. One thing the guy confirmed was that when I get the first jab, the second one would be completed within four weeks – big deal.

In the meanwhile I just stay in isolation, as well as Mr. Swiss. My son is still working daily, and we are all hoping that he does not come into contact with the virus, although he does not mix with many people. I am worried, but I do now have a telephone number (given from the guy I phoned today) for my state and might get more information as to what is going on. I am annoyed and feel neglected from my state, my country. I will not give up and will pursue the situation until I get satisfaction from somewhere. I am fed up with seeing all the lucky others, especially an article I read from the happy senior citizens that now feel much safer since they have had their jab. I want to feel safe as well. Enough complaining, Do I feel better? I suppose it does help psychologically.

RDP Monday: Robust

18 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Robust

  1. I totally understand. Things are getting better here, but in this remote part of the state (and nation) communication isn’t great and even though I’ve done everything to sign up, no idea when they will be organized. My older friends have gotten theirs, so probably there’s hope.

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  2. I have to say it was an easy process for us, except for shot 2 that had came with a rough 24 hours of side effects. The positive thought is that with more younger folks getting natural immunity and the more that get vaccinated maybe we’ll be out of this soon. Good wishes your way for the jab soon

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  3. I hear you. I applied to our state ‘vaccination hot line’ and was told “You are on the list!” Great, but that means nothing to me. When do I get a shot? Our governor ( a huge Trump man) seems at a loss of how to act now and is annoyed when Biden singles out Florida as a bad example. So I just have to wait.

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  4. You saw yourself how your doctor was able to bump you up. Doctors the world over will be doing that. Some will be bumped up, which means others will be pushed back. And different doctors will have different opinions. It’s a bloody lottery out there and we have to take what we can!
    Pfizer is recommending 3 weeks between jabs (I think) and AZ are recommending 4-12 weeks. The manufacturing plants for the AZ are in BE and NL – these are the ones that caused the kerfuffle between AZ and the EU.
    Sounds like, as long as your jab isn’t coming from Moscow…

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    • It seems to me, the more I discover the more complicated. I think we are supposed to get the Pfizer jab. It was my neurolog that recommended me and i trust him, but he cannot do more.

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      • I did hear that there had been fewer bad reactions to AZ than to Pfizer, but our government are very strongly pushing the line that all vaccines are as good as each other.
        Israel was Pfizer, wasn’t it? so there’ll be loads of info coming from there soon I suppose.

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  5. Same problem here in Canada. We are dependent on shipments from Pfizer and Moderna, and the scaled down production. Then there is the roll out plan, and each province has their own. Where you live plays a big part on how soon you will get it.


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