Good Morning

What more could you wish for as a start to the day. Once again the sun has decided to make an impact on us and what a lovely welcome when I take the first steps outside in the morning. I even brave minus temperatures (C) to capture the view. I should really put on my padded coat first of all.

To make the scene more beautiful, a magpie decided to join me in a tree. To make it more perfect, I am listening to a Chopin Nocturn in the background on my radio. I have already spoilt my two cat visitors with some goodies that I always keep in case they call by. This morning they were both here quite early.

Yet another week is beginning, a week of lockdown and isolation if the cold weather continues. Our government might be relaxing our lockdown rules next month as cases of covid are really reducing. This is a wonder combined with the fact that we are not getting any vaccination material. Yesterday I met three neighbours in my house. It is becoming a rare occasion as I can be in my house and not meet anyone, although they are also living here.

At least the birds are still paying a visit, even if they are only watching from the nearby tree. I do not know what this one is. Mr. Swiss said a robin because it has a red breast, but I told him it is not a robin red breast. I think it is some sort of a finch.

Our European robins tend to just have half a red breast as this little chap was showing yesterday when taking a drink outside.

Some photos are really more luck than judgement as I noticed when I uploaded this one. The tit was deciding to make a landing and the robin was having a flutter. As I sit in the kitchen on my computer my camera is always next to me on the table so I am often shooting a photo when I see something interesting. I did not see the bird action when taking the photo, it probably happened whilst I was taking the photo, but a beautiful flight demonstration.

A blackbird also decided to join in on the eating session yesterday.

Today I have no big plans, but a bread will be made.

Yesterday I made a pineapple cake. It contains pineapple pieces. I did not bother to coat it with pieces of pineapple. It is quite a tasty cake. The recipe includes brown sugar and grated rusks which I grind in my kitchen machine. It adds a good flavour to the cake. Needless to say Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son have already plundered the cake.

I now have a few bits and pieces to attend to in the home. A little tidying up is called for, especially as I ws eating peanuts yesterday and a few shells have made themselves at home in various places in the apartment. However, no problem, that is life.

Have a good start to the day/week and let us hope that Spring might just arrive a little bit. It would be good to get out again and enjoy some warm weather. I have not used my electric wheelchair for almost two months, but it still springs to life when I switch it on. Here is another photo from our wonderful sunrise today.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … glad so see the birdies are still comin’ to visit for breakfast treats. We are finally seeing the sun and much of the ice storm accumulation melted yesterday … but they are saying on TV that we are going to do the whole thing over again in a couple of days … have a great day .. SLP …

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  2. Lucky or not, I so enjoy your bird photos. Both birds are aflutter–wonderful shot, Pat! Yesterday morning, after I fed my two outdoor cats, I heard hissing in the backyard. It seems Big Ginger, a cat that has not been around for over a year, was making an appearance and the cats were not having it. He’s gotten fluffier so is easy to keep a watch for, but my cats do not want him around. I texted my backyard, as she also feeds an outdoor cat. Unfortunately he had already been to her house and found her cats feeding bowls. So the watch for Big Ginger goes on…..

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    • It is really luck when I get an action photo of the birds. Those cats are never very friendly towards each other. They seem to regard all other cats as enemies. It is a wonder that kittens arrive. Our ginger cat used to be a bit of a menace, but now Roschti has become very friendly, although when there is food he does not wait for an invitation.

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  3. Good Morning.
    Although I have no idea what that red breasted bird is, and it looks nothing like the robins here, the rusty red color happens to be similar to that of the robins here.

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  4. Good afternoon. We got around 9 inches of snow over the weekend and it is snowing now. The storm is coming from the Pacific coast. The weather shows a series of storms heading our way. Probably a record amount of snow. Your bird’s pictures are excellent. Your unknown bird reminds me of our Groesbecks. I couldn’t judge the beak even with my microscope. The pineapple cake reminded me of upside-down pineapple which I like and haven’t had one in a long time. Enjoy your evening.

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    • I think the unknown bird is a bullfinch. We have a few now and again here. It is still very cold here. After the sun appeared this morning it disappeared and we havn’t seen it since. I have also made upside down pineapple cakes which are very tasty. I spent the afternoon uploading my photos and finishing my bread baking. Another fresh loaf with the evening meal.

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    • The Bergfink is usually found in the higher areas like the pre alps in Switzerland and not it gardens. My little yellow bird is a sort of goldfinch and the one above with the red feathers is definitely a bullfinch.


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