Good Morning

It is not very often that I take a photo towards North for my morning greeting, but this morning it was a must. Although the sun ascends in the South (I suppose really East), at least in our area, it only cast its reflection in the North over the snow clad slopes of our local mountains. Temperatures are still very cold sinking to -10°C during the night and only reaching -3°C at the most in the afternoon, but I am at home in the warmth. I always have a bowl of fresh water for the birds and any other animals that might wander through outside. In the morning it is a solid block of ice.

I thought this little sparrow was standing in the bowl having a drink yesterday. I then realised that the water had again frozen an hour after I had filled the bowl with fresh water and he was standing on the surface having a drink through the ice surface.

Yesterday this little guy appeared on one of the trees opposite and I am still trying to work out what he is. Is it a gold finch or a green finch. At the moment we are visited from all sorts and I had never seen such a bird in our area.

Now and again a starling mingles with the crowd. they usually arrive in flocks and I noticed a flock but this one decided to have a look around on his own.

I have been following the news from the States on the impeachment trial of Trump. It was nearing the end and I said to Mr. Swiss, I am sure that idiot will be acquitted eventually. Mr. Swiss agreed, and now the verdict is known that he will not be impeached. It seems he is innocent according to the decision of the American court. I really cannot understand this. It seems money does talk all languages. I can only hope that this criminal will have a civil process on his hands afterwards.

Yesteday I spend time on cleaning my oven. It was really in a sorry state after bread and cake baking. However, I was surprise that in half an hour it was looking OK again. Afterwards I baked a chicken which was not such a good idea, but I decided to clean the oven more often. It would save time and look better.

The water bowl seemed to be a popular meeting place with the birds yesterday, but they had to be quick to make sure it did not freeze again.

I am now off to cook lunch: a nice piece of beef for slow cooking with veg and all the trimmings, so I can just let it cook on its own with no great work on my side. Have a good Sunday and make the most of it. It will soon be Monday again for the workers amongst us.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day …. we are iced in here too … all day yesterday was an ice storm … yuk … have a great day … SLP ….

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    • If it wasn’t for the continuous reminders on the radio about Valentin’s Day I would not even know that it was happening. Mr. Swiss and I do not need a day to celebrate after 52 years of marriage. No ice or snow here, just plain freezing.


  2. Love the little yellow bird. Although it was expected, I am embarrassed for our country. To convict, a 2/3 majority of the senate needed to vote for it. Some Republican senators voted to convict, but being re-elected was more important to the rest of them than doing the right thing.

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    • We Europeans will never understand how such an idiot gets away with what he did and lead his country to ruin 4 years long. He is now telling everyone he is going to make America great again. It would not have been necessary if it wasnt for him. It was greater before he became president.

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  3. Good afternoon, The sun is shining today and the snow is still around. There will be some melting this afternoon, more snow is expected for tomorrow. Your bird looks like a goldfinch to me. The beak caught my eye that should help to identify the species. Pine siskins are in the same family but it like a goldfinch to me. After seeing the news alert on Tump, I have stayed off the news and Twitter as I don’t need to upset myself any further. I just wanted to know he can’t be elected again. Have a great evening.

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    • A dull day here, although a little sun in between. It is still far too cold for snow here. Freezing temperatures all day. I also think it is some sort of goldfinch. At the moment they are all coming for food in the gardin. I think Trump can still be elected, but that would make him almost 80 years old, and he already has senile dementia. I will be having a restful evening.

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  4. Good Morning.
    Former President Trump is such an embarrassment that I ignore news about him. We all know that he will get away with whatever he wants to do. There is no point in watching. It is mere entertainment for those who find such matters to be entertaining. Good Morning anyway . . . without Former President Trump.

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