FOWC with Fandango: Welfare

I have been watching a programme on the BBC TV lately every evening from a guy called Rick Stein,travelling around France and showing the various dishes from the different areas. He, himself is a cook, and had a few restaurants. He demonstrates a few dishes in his programme from France and he is giving me ideas. Mr. Swiss reads his book or otherwise dabbles with his computer and No. 1 son goes into town in the afternoon or listens to his music and so I have to keep myself busy and am slowly discovering the cooking world. I am not a 5 star cook, but its fun.

I do like to keep everyone happy at home, in good health and comfort. It is just a way of life. Not a special super menu, just something I can rustle up for an evening meal. I do not cook in the evening during the week, but might during the week-end. We eat cold cuts with a few trimmings. I like to know what I am eating and avoid eating from a tin. Since a few weeks, I am now even baking my own bread. My housewife days are still with me, but it is no longer a “have to do” but “do it because you want to, if time allows”. I never really had the time to enjoy cooking, I had to plan it all around lunch times of a working family. Now I can really enjoy food preparation. A salad sauce is not longer just oil and vinegar, but a mixture of various fresh herbs and made with care. My kitchen and dining room are part of my welfare state.

FOWC with Fandango: Welfare

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