Good Morning Again

I am back. Just to say I found the time to make my Spätzli (really do not know what it is called in English). I had mixed the ingredients of the special flour, eggs and milk water by pumping it up and down all together in my späztli machine and then put it on top of the pan of boiling water and turned it by using the lever at the top of the apparatus and the spaäztli dropped nicely into the boiling water.

Afterwards I removed the spätzle with a sieve spoon into a pan with melted butter and now it is ready to serve. Had to describe it all in a bit of broken english, but there are some processes I really only know how to explain in German

So now I will leave you, and after dinner I will be recovering from the exercises of the morning.

And this was yesterday’s wholewheat bread. Today will be no bread baking, now and again I do other things.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning Again

    • I have a special apparatus for making spätzli which works quickly and perfectly. I didn’t realize it was known over the pond. I began to make my own bread about a month ago, three times a week snd it works well. It is all a matter of routine.


  1. The spätzle looks absolutely delicious. Years ago Tchibo had shops and a website here in the UK and they sold a spätzle maker, a flat, round metal disc with holes in that you put over a pan of boiling water and poured the batter through. I was tempted, but it looked messy so never succumbed.
    Your machine looks very different and much cleaner to use.

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  2. Good afternoon, our weather is still unsettled, the amount of snow this winter is been has barely covered the ground. However, the mountains have been had a lot of snow. Our summer water should okay. I have never heard about Spaztii until now. I used to make GF bread with the machine. It was delicious from the machine but afterward didn’t all taste the same. I stop making it. Pumpkin has learned about Kitty TV and is spending a lot of time watching what is happening in the parking lot. Have a wonderful evening with good TV.

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    • We had snow but all disappeared this afternoon and there is nothing left. Otherwise a quiet day with nothing special happening. You have a TV programme especially for Kitties? That sounds quite good, I am sure they enjoy it. We are getting quite a few repeats of films at the moment, but I do not mind, as I missed them the first time and am catching up. I think I have now seen all of the Jurassic Park films.


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