Good Morning

Big surprise, it snowed. I did not even realise it until I took my first look outside this morning. It looks quite pretty I suppose, but for those having to travel in it, not so pleasant. I am now a lady of leisure and see the attractive side of the snow. I have just said goodbye to my cleaning lady so now the day can begin. I am also excpecting my computere guy today to work on my Mac Computer. After eigh years of good service the internal battery (or whatever) is no longer as good as it should be, although I can still use it if I plug it in. Using without electricity no longer works so well.

I do not have so much time this morning as I want to make some spatzli to go with my meat for dinner. so I have to cut short. I also had a delivery from my online store, there was just too much action this morning. I had a few portions of meat for vaccuming and taking to my deep freezer in the cellar. It was a real action packed day, at least for me.

And so this was only a short visit. Have a good day, enjoy, and make the most of it.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The snow is falling here, now. We’ve been getting snow every other day for the past couple of weeks — and MORE is expected over the weekend. At least this is a light, fine snow that doesn’t weigh a ton.

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    • I was surprised to see the snow this morning, but it has now all gone. During the day it melted away. My son told me that on his way to work this morning at 6.30 a.m. it was snowing.

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