Good Morning

The sun has arrived, but no big deal. Since I took the photo an hour ago it has disappeared again. Perhaps it left a message that it will be back, but am not sure. It is getting colder again, but up to now no sign of snow, although we had some rain yesterday. The weather really used to bother me, as it meant either I could go out or not. When your mobility gradually leaves your body, you are dependent on the weather. Travelling on a scooter is not fun when it rains and it does not come into the question when it snows. However, thanks to improvements in online shopping and the efforts of the local chain store to improve on service. I no longer have a big problem. Perhaps a small explanation. Our store is called Migros and is in almost in all town and villages in Switzerland. They have a socalled “MyMigros” which came into life about a year ago and I got an invitation to join which I did. It is still a pilot project but looks like it is now a permanent fixture. For a small monthly fee I get free deliveries and a monthly bonus according to what I buy. As I know the store chain very well I am acquainted with all their products and I am getting fresh goods, meat and veg in perfect condition. It could not be better for me and for the first time the weather is no problem. It can rain or snow. Online is the best that ever happened to me and their deliveries are very prompt. There are always delivery lots available.

I took this photo on Saturday as I was scootering into town and noticed when I left home that there was a yellow light coming from the sky. We were being invaded by Sahara sand. It now and again happens that sand particles from the Sahara desert decide to travel to Europe and this time the effect was quite strong. If it would rain into it your car would have a layer of yellow sand particles washed down from the sky.

My little robin decided to pay a visit over the week-end. I had not seen him for some time, but he is still here, waiting for an empty space to eat in peace and quiet without the accompaniment of the sparrows. I hope he stays around for some time. Perhaps he might even find a mate when Spring arrives.

A great tit also arrived, visiting the bird house and happy to see that he had it all to himself.

Otherwise there were sparrows everywhere again, as normal.

I almost forgot, but yes I baked a cake yesterday. It is becoming quite a custom.This time it was a chocolate cake. It was one of my own recipes. I put two bars of dark chocolate into it together with some fresh cream and I must say it worked. I also added 100 grammes of ground peeled almonds to give it a bite. 5 eggs were involved, but only 4 in the cake. I dropped one on the floor from the fridge to the mixing bowl and what a mess that was to clean up. Anyhow the cake was a success according to the Angloswiss family. Today it will be a bread baking session, wholewheat, but that has time. Online shopping really has it advantages, you have more time for other daily hobbies.

And now I am off to do the rest of the household pasttimes. However, it is Monday, so no big stress. Have a good week, who knows what it might hold for us. I will probably be busy dealing with our tax declaration together with Mr. Swiss. Really one of those jobs I detest.

My reeds in the garden are still in existence, but will probably disappear when the gardener calls, although it is a little early yet.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have always hated shopping, but the online services have made my frantic life a little less crazed. My grandmother used to talk about having her groceries delivered, looks like the pendulum has finally returned. 👍 Hope you have a great day.

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  2. Good Morning!
    How weird that Sahara sand blows in. I think of the Sahara Desert as a place that things blow ‘into’, not out of. During the Dust Bowl, much of the dust from the Oklahoma was deposited in the Sahara Desert.

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  3. Good afternoon, the sun is out and it is cold below freezing. It will warm up later today. My blood work is back and all is normal except my 3HD which has been low for several years. Your cake looks good and your home should be smelling so good. It is interesting about sand from the Sahara Desert. The ash from Mt St. Helens went around the world. Have a pleasant evening.

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    • Cold here and quite dismal, but no snow or rain. Glad you bloodwork was Ok. I should have mine done for some time, but just to check on the sugar values and from my medicine. At the moment there are too many other problems to deal with in life. It happens now and again that we get a yellow sky from the Sahara.

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  4. I have the same sparrows as you because our sparrows are European sparrows, brought here in 1851. They liked it so much that they have set up housekeeping from California to the Atlantic coast and most of Canada, too. But your little yellow tit is definitely NOT one of ours but you could send one and I’ll let him go 😀

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    • They are also known as the London sparrows where I come from, being a symbol of the town especially East London where I come from. Unfortunately they have diminished in quantity due to illness. They still form the main bird population where I live, although in the country. You don’t see them often in towns


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