Good Morning

Really nothing special compared to yesterday’s wonderful sunrise. The clouds have returned although luckily the rain has not returned although I do not plan on any expeditions into the unknown today. My week-end groceries will be delivered this morning. I have already received the confirmation of what is arriving and it is complete, so what could be better. When I think of the days when I had to go myself in the afternoon choosing and picking and spending time. Having to do your shopping with a walker is not very efficient and takes time. Now it is brought to my door and sometimes into the appartment entrance and it is all with no extra costs involved. Into the bargain I am also avoiding contact with too many people which is important in our pandemic ridden days.

Switzerland really seems to be a small forgotten corner in this Covid infected world.Our vaccination material is in short supply but it has been confirmed that in summer everyone will get their jabs, so let us wait and see.

I passed my time yesterday with baking yet another bread. This time with semi white flour which is Mr. Swiss favourite, although I prefer brown flour. Now there is a bread baking pause until next Monday as we do not need so much bread through the week-end and I always order a ready prepared Platt bread that I can finish baking myself. It only needs 10 minutes in the oven. I am quite proud of the progress I have made with my bread baking. It really does not need a lot of time to make the pastry in my super kitchen mixer and the rest is just waiting until it has risen. The appartment even smells like a bakers in the morning.

The sparrows are still appearing at the laid table outside, but there are not so many at the moment. They probably feel that Spring is now just around the corner. Our weather is no longer as cold as it was. My birds do seem to have got a little rounder and fatter during the Winter.

It is mainly the sparrows that arrive, but now and again a blue tit will appear, keeping the distance from the others. The tits mainly only eat from the bird house.

I was updating my Apple computer this morning with a new programme. Luckily I have two computers so have been working on my windows machine. They are both in good working order so there is no problem, but in the meanwhile my Mac is finished with the new version. Our computer guy says he does not often have people that work on both types of computer. I have got used to both of them and have no problem with either.

And now it is time to move on, a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of cooking and a lot of ironing from yesterdays bed linen wash, but what else can I do all day. Have a good day everybody.

I thought I would bring a little music into the day after watching a film on the BBC TV centered in a senior home for retired opera singers and musicians. The quartett from Rigoletto featured as one of the main arias which refreshed my memory of my teenage years of listening to operas and also visiting an opera in my London years, mainly Sadlers Wells theatre. So here it is, my apologies to the non opera fans.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures … the snow is slowly melting here …. this weekend is our Superbowl champion game of American football . so TV will be over saturated with that … it should be a good game though with this quarterback who used to play for the New England Team and then moved to Florida .. so we will see … have a great day … SLP …

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    • We do not follow so many sports. I noticed in Britain that they are playing football/soccer with no spectators in the stadium because of Kovid. It is now the time for skiing, but much has been cancelled because of the pandemic.


  2. We are one of the few working on both systems. But most of the time, like now, we write on our MacBooks Air.
    Thanks for the music – grand, isn’t it?
    We used to live in St. Gallen for quite a while and one of our publishers and editors lived in Winterthur. Now we live at the North Norfolk coast. In a way we are Anglo Swiss as well but originally Scandinavian.
    All the best.
    Stay healthy and happy
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I always have my iPad at my side for short remarks. Otherwise I am on my Mac or Acer.
      I have been in St. Gallen which is a very nice town. It is about 2-3 hours by train from where we live in the Kanton of Solothurn. My husband worked for Volvo in Switzerland for many years and was often in Göteborg on business. He knew Sweden quite well.

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        • I have been in Switzerland for the past 54 years. The first two years in Zürich and afterwards I moved to Solothurn. It was there I met Mr. Swiss and stayed. Otherwise I am a British cockney from Bethnal Green in the East End of London.

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  3. This made me smile ‘biggly’…. I’m not a particular opera fan but those two – goodness me – well done you!
    Admire also greatly your bread baking skills – in your new ‘air cooker’? I never buy white or half-white bread, unless it’s a plait (I don’t know why, but we love best a fresh Denner Zopf – I bought one today after my doctor’s appointment – tried them all, Migros, Coop, Bio, hand-made, industrial…. the DD brings it for us, every time!). The best plaits of course are the truly home-made ones, where my sisters and brother ‘fight’ for the best – we love them all….. and I don’t do competition, I enjoy!

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    • I am very much an opera fan. My friend and I would often have an evening at the Sadlers Wells opera theater. She also often went to Covent garden seeing the stars sing. I would love to go again one day.When Iived in Zürich I would now and again go to the opera house.
      I use a my normal oven for baking bread. I bake a bit of everything. Sometimes half white, sometimes ruch and also Vollkorn. I have made a zopf, but do not have the time to bake one on Sunday, so I leave it.

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  4. Good afternoon, it is overcast as I started the. Your bread looks delicious. I will venture out today for a blood test in order to get my shot for osteoporosis. I can’t take the COVID-19 vaccine and take other shots. There is not a lot is happening. The national news while better is still good, it could better. Have a busy evening and stay safe.

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    • We had a bit of sun today, but not very much. At least it was not raining. We are still waiting for our shots, but luckily infections are quite low in our country at the moment. I don’t bother so much now with national news. One day they say this and the next something completely different.

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