FOWC with Fandango: Tell

I would not be a proper Swiss (although only half Swiss) if I did not bring something about Wilhelm Tell, the man that shot the apple from his son’s head with his cross bow, although over the years a little might have changed in the story. However, we do have crossbows in our town in the old arsenal showing what the Swiss men used to defend themselves in past days. Crossbows still exist today, but they have developed into somewhat technical machines and need strength to operate.

Every year the Tell plays are performed in Interlaken in the open air theatre. It is quite an event and I was once there with Mr. Swiss company where he worked. We had front row seats. It was quite well performed and they were very clever to distract your attention from the stage when the arrow was shot. In the town of Altdorf where he came from (although am no so sure) there is a statue of Wilhelm Tell with his son and crossbow, a national monument almost. Tell is not a name you hear often here and I have never met a Mr.Tell in Switzerland.

FOWC with Fandango: Tell

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