FOTD 5th February 2021: Horse Chestnut

I am quite proud of this horse chestnut flower. It was the first and only time my chestnut tree in a pot flowered, after 15 years. I planted a chestnut I found fallen from a tree in our village and it began to grow. The flower only happened once. Unfortunately the plant no longer exists. I did not have the room for it, but who knows, perhaps I might grow one again.

FOTD 5th February 2021: Horse Chestnut

9 thoughts on “FOTD 5th February 2021: Horse Chestnut

  1. Wow, it is white! The few horsechestnuts that I have encountered all bloom pinkish red. They are very rare here, and European. In fact, I know Aesculus carnea, which is one of only two species that is very rarely used in landscapes, as the English horsechestnut or English buckeye. The only other species is Aesculus californica, which is the native California buckeye, which grows wild here, but is rare in landscapes. It defoliates both for winter, and for the middle of summer, and foliates for spring and autumn, which is weird, . . . and not very pretty. The bloom is white, but rather pale. I happen to like it, but would not recommend it to others. There are several other North American buckeyes, but I have never met one, and I doubt that any are as colorful as the English buckeye.

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