FOWC with Fandango: Given

52 years ago Mr. Swiss and I entered this building. The statue did not exist then and the purpose of the building was different. Today it is the seat of the mayor of our town, but on 4th February 1969 it was the local registry office. On that day I became Mrs. Swiss because I married Mr. Swiss. It was a quiet affair with two witnesses, there were just four of us. I was also given Swiss citizenship into the bargain. I remember I had to travel to the British consulate in Basel to get an official translation of my birth certificate for the documents and had to swear on something that I was unmarried and I was who I am. Mr. Swiss had lost his divorce papers from his first try and had to have them re-issued. It was a wonder that we ever got married.

And today we both forgot, until lunch time when I remembered it was our wedding anniversary. We both remembered it yesterday, but our short term memories played a trick on us today. No big celebration dinner, but I did bake a bread today (although I am baking them four days a week at the moment). I remember we had a drink in the restaurant next door before we started our life together officially and it was snowing, but not too much, just a few flakes.

FOWC with Fandanago: Given

17 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Given

  1. Oh my….. that’s not normally something a woman forgets, and quite ‘normal’ that the hubby doesn’t! Happy anniversary, with a delay…. and rain not shine nor snowy flakes!

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  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Swiss! Your dates are so similar to mine. You and I both have birthdays in December and we both got married in February. This Sunday will be 41 years for me and my husband. This Sunday is also Super Bowl Sunday, although I don’t think they planned that for us! 🏈

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  3. Happy Anniversary and may you have many more. We too, had a very quiet ceremony in our local Registry Office but we managed a nice lunch with friends afterwards. We too, have often been known to forget the day usually because we were on holiday in March for many years as my business demanded our utmost attention between Easter and Advent.

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    • Thankyou. We had a very quiet ceremony. Afterwards we were at my mother-in-laws for dinner. I think I needed at least five years until Mr. Swiss realised the date of our wedding anniversary.

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  4. I always feel dates don’t matter, feelings do. We are all capable of forgetting, or just not giving much thought to, a special date. My husband and I valued each day we had together as a special one and that was what made for 50 happy years, not a card and some flowers – although occasionally I got those!

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    • So true. If Mr. Swiss brought home flowers they were to make the home look better (so he said). We are now golden oldies, Mr. Swiss already 81 years old and I am 74, but we have grown older together


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