Good Morning

There is really not a lot happening at the moment in my world. The only action are the raindrops falling from the trees and it is still raining. I notice that visits from my bird friends are getting fewer. They are probably staying in the dry areas keeping out of the rain.

Now and again the get together for a few minutes to see what the day has to offer on their feeding grounds, but disappear after a eating their fill.

I was talking to my cleaning lady yesterday and she also found that our local town is slowly resembling a ghost town. There are only one or two people walking on the streets. There are still visitors in the supermarkets, but no problem with overcrowding or not keeping your distance. Everyone seems to be living a life at home like myself. My online ordering is really a gift for me, especially as I cannot get out so well in Winter. I try to keep my orders to twice a week, but if I notice that something is running low or I forgot something there is no problem. I can make a fresh order for the few items I need and it arrives a day later, and also sometimes on the same day. Yesterday they even sent a message to the customers that they had free slots for the day if anyone would be interested. That is super service. It is a pilot project from one of the local larger markets and they sent invites about a year ago. I decided to join. There is a monthly registration of a few francs, but the benefits exceed the price you pay. I can order when I want to, no costs for bringing the goods and a monthly bonus according to my purchases. I can also collect my bonus points with a good financial advantage. There was a limit to how many people can join, and I was lucky to become a member as they are no long accepting new members.

I am now more in the picture with my vaccination chances. Our material is from Pfizer/BioNTech in Germany and there is a delay in deliveries at the moment. Priority have the senior homes and they are now almost all dealt with, also with the second injection which follows three weeks later. Our Kanton can no longer accept any new requests due to lack of material, but it seems Kanton Bern and Luzern are now helping us with supplies. I cannot be expected to be vaccinated until the second half of February, but that is OK with me. No need to panic, I am not alone in this little country.

Time waits for no-one and I am not a exception. I must move on. I have a programme to complete, including a bread baking session. Have a good day, and keep your distance (not wanting to be impolite of course).

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … for those of us maintaining households (I play that role … my wife is the current breadwinner …) it is necessary to keep moving on … with the household chores, cleaning, cooking .. etc etc … you are correct …). Have a great day … SLP

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  2. Good afternoon. the weather is unsettled with a little bit of everything. Right now it is overcast with the wind. The last few days have stressful as yearly items needed to be done. I need to make an appointment for the vaccine. Most are wearing masks now but a number are still refusing. When I was receiving ready-made dinners they were shipped with dry ice. They arrived fresh even after 2 days. Enjoy your bread and have a pleasant evening.

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    • It is still raining here since almost a week. Masks are worn here in the stores and often in town. We just wear them as a natural thing, not so much out of town. Our town is now resembling a ghosttown, there are fewer people there every day and the stores are empty. The bread was quite good, still a little warm from the oven.

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