RDP Sunday: Adieu

2016 was the last visit I paid to London. My father had passed away and I knew that after this visit I would no longer ever visit England again. I had to say adieu to many places and friends and relations. I always stayed with my schoolfriend when I was in London. She lived near my father and would often visit him which was something I could only do once a year. She always picked me up from the airport and would bring me to the airport when I would be taking my home flight. I remember saying to her on the occasion that it would probably be the last time I would be in England, although she would always be welcome to visit me in Switzerland. We are both getting older, and I am no longer as mobile as I was, so we said goodbye, but not adieu. You never know what surprises the future might hold.

RDP Sunday: Adieu

12 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Adieu

  1. We always hope there will be another day, but I can’t see me clambering on another plane especially not after this pandemic. I always got sick on planes. It’s that recycled air. If ANYONE is sick, everyone gets it. I just don’t see us flying anywhere. Oh well. At least we traveled when we could.

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  2. A melancholic but necessary choice. As we get older there just are a lot of folks we’ll probably never see again in this world. The upside is that you’ve made yourself very much at home in your adopted country and don’t always feel the old one pulling you back. Some people move, but are always crying a bit for their last home.

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