RDP Saturday: What the eyes don’t see

It was a stormy night. Constant sounds of thunder and the lightening lit up the sky as if it was sudden daylight in between. John did not sleep so well. The noise was disturbing. Did he hear a shrieking noise in between, screams, or was it laughter. The next morning he dragged himself out of his bed and had a meeting of the third kind. They had moved it, taken over the garden. They seemed to be having a conversation with each other in a language he did not understand. Was this a bad dream? It was when he discovered that they were eating the vegetables in the garden he began to get worried. On the other hand they seemed to have an appetite for snails and John had been trying to destroy them for years. At last he could grow some herbs with nice fresh green leaves, he thought. But they also had an appetite for flavours, especially parsley and thyme. It was when the cat disappeared that John got suspicious

RDP Saturday: What the eyes don’t see

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