RDP Friday: Accountability

I have slowly become responsible for everything at home. Son No. 1 goes to work during the day and Mr.Swiss has his nose stuck in a book most of the time when he is not taking his medicine or on the computer. As long as you have toilet rolls somewhere in the cellar life is under control I suppose. This is only the reserve in my store room/laundry room. The rest are in the cupboard in the appartment. I also have a supply of long life milk (on the right), but as Mr. Swiss is the only person that uses milk for his coffee, he decided it should also be in the appartment so that he does not have to go down to the cellar to get it early in the morning. Luckily I have a second fridge in the appartment for my MS injections, but now it is slowly being converted to an emergency supply of things we do not want to have in the cellar.

This is only part of the supplies, and this is not the rest. In between there is a mega sized freezer chest with enough meat, bread and other frozen goods to last for a month at least. This morning I spent half an hour slicing a large piece of pork and vacuuming it all in separate dinner portions for freezing. If I happen to wake up in the night for a visit to a certain body recycling room, I never go back to sleep immediately afterwards. I begin to study what I need on my list for online shopping. My iPad is on the night table so I reach over and add a few items before I forget them. We golden oldies tend to forget a minute after we remember unfortunately.

Now and again I take a break, am on the computer or watch the TV. Oh, I just remembered looking at this photo, I must put Pepsi on the list. We only have one six pack of one and a half liter bottles in the cellar. Mr. Swiss finds that our cellar is gradually resembling the extension to our local supermarket.

RDP Friday: Accountability

6 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Accountability

    • I have learnt a lot since my new way of life. How to freeze and what to freeze.I built up my stock slowly, buying two insetead of one . Since no longer having a car I had to re-organised my life, especially as both Mr. Swiss and I are no longer mobile and to be quite honest, me are not so routined with shopping as women.

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  1. We had that same situation in France. HH was off with the car, working abroad and I was far from the nearest chain store so, when I had the opportunity and the car, I had to stock up with whatever in large quantities. We still have not reached the end of everything I moved to Switzerland and are here soon for a full year!

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