Good Morning

No fresh snow this morning, but the remainder from yesterday and that is enough. It is quite cold so nothing is melting up to now. It has developed into a busy morning. My cleaning lady/angel has arrived and is busy seeing to my bathroom and shower. I was a little later this morning as had a few things to deal with, but have now caught up. In the meanwhile my online shopping order arrived – this time only a few items that yesterday could not be delivered due to the bad weather.

I also had a small cat problem. This cat who belongs to a neighbour is very inquisitive. He was at the window and Mr. Swiss decided to give her a treat. She did not really want a treat, but wanted to go on a tour of our appartment, so quickly dived through the door and began to make herself comfortable on our settee. Then my delivery arrived from the store, I opened the main door and she was out and decided to go up the stairs to the other appartments. I really did not have time to follow her and so I gave up and left the main door open so that she could escape again. She is a smaller cat, but is very fast and has her own ideas.

I decided to bake a bread again yesterday. This time it was quite a success. I used my new bread baking form and it turned out well. I am now glad I invested in this baking form. It came from France and they are the only company I found that make something in this style.

There was not very much left from my bread this morning, but it made a tasty breakfast with butter and jam on it. I now seem to be baking 2-3 loaves a week. It does not need so much time and I now have a good time system with it.

Meanwhile bird life continues as usual outside and the blackbirds are now slowly moving in although the sparrows are not far behind.

My next task this morning, will be to make some Spätzle for lunch with some sliced beef cooked in vegtables. I have a gadget for making the spätzle which simplifies the work and have used it only once up to now but it worked quite well . Today I will be isolating at home again. It is too cold to go anywhere and I have decided to take it easy this afternoon. And now I am off, there are things to do at home. have a good day everyone, enjoy and stay safe.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • You should not encourage your dog doing that.
      For one – it might do real harm to the cat for which you would then carry the responsibility, as it is YOUR dog who damaged another person’s property.
      And for second – the cat might be a real fighter. Which could mean REAL harm to your dog, not only a scratch on its nose – think along eyes … So REALLY – do discourage your dog!


  1. The cat looks like he fits right in at your apartment. Such a cute little one. Your bread looks wonderful. I was afraid you were going to say the cat got the bread! Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

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    • That cat is a little devil. Once the window is open and no one is looking he enters the appartment and suddenly you find him in one of the rooms. The cat had no chance for the bread, we ate it all.

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  2. Good afternoon, It overcast this morning a winter storm is forecasted for tomorrow. It will dump a lot of snow in Idaho before it moves on to the central states. Your little cat’s actions remind me of Kato. He put many a dog in their place. HE went for the nose. Cats have it away of their own. Pumpkin loved a treat we were using to get her medicine down. Saturday she decided she didn’t want it and refuse I got out yesterday to a store and bank Kathy pushed me in the wheelchair. I still tired out. We will need to add somethings. Kathy just arrived and she now expects Kathy to give her a treat. Today is a shower and bed changing. Have stress free evening .

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    • Today there was a bit of action with Lucia my cleaning lady and a delivery from the online store. Now I have everything I need until the end of the week, and have already begun to compose the next shopping list for the week-end. the meals are planned, now to get the food I need. I found the cats I knew and had always had problems with each other. They can be very territorial, especially when outside. I am lucky to have an electric wheelchair, but have not used it for some time. I am hoping that it will still be mobile when I need it.

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  3. Do you bake your lovely loaves in your new fryer?
    And I’d like to entice you to try a very simple and tasty winter ‘Eintopf’: I bought a lovely Saucisson de Vaud (or any other will do, they are all very good), got 3 large spuds out, 300-400g of leek, a jar of squashed toms, 2-3 bay leaves, some stock, water (in our case, I added some red wine too but I know you’re not into it). You cut thick slices of the saucisson (I always wash it before cooking), cubes/rings of the patatos & leek, and I also adore onions and garlic, so I start with them, browning in the cold large pan, just add some little oil (they don’t get burnt and bitter if the oil isn’t hot already), then add the saucisson, so that no further fat or oil or butter is needed. Toss in the rest, heat it up, add the stock (I have a lovely veggie stock from Alnatura), put your choice of spices in, and just forget about it – let it simmer on a small flame (check if enough liquid and add some more or add some tomato paste or whatever you like). By lunch time you have a wonderful, filling, nearly healthy and inexpensive meal. The 2nd day the leftovers are even better!

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    • That sounds very good, I have some leek in the kitchen as well as potatoes and I am a great fan of garlic.Now and again I get a saucisson. I usually cook it with some sort of lentils and potatoes, although Mr. Swiss is not really a lentil lover, but he eats it. I am very much into wine when cooking, I just do not enjoy a glass on its own, but I always have a liter bottler of Dole or Chasseral in the kitchen – as well as a couple of reserve bottles in my store in the cellar. A spaghetti sauce is certainly not so appetising without a dose of red and Züri gescnätzeltes must have a Gutsch (or more) of white.


  4. Good morning!!! Great photos .. so much going on .. have a great day … I think I am a day late visiting this particular post .. somehow yesterday I failed to check in with your blog ??? SLP …

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