RDP Monday: Muddle

Gone are the days when I did my shopping myself; a natural thing to do. In Winter this is no longer possible due to weather conditions. I thought I could manage the short train trip to the store, just one station, but realised it would not be possible and so I now have the goods brought to me.

However today was a muddle. Now and again the store cannot deliver what I need. This happened last week when I did not receive the meat I needed for the next day’s dinner. Luckily my son was able to go into town and fetch it. I always receive a confirmation of my order before they deliver and today all my cold cut dishes were missing, not a slice of ham to be seen. My son to the rescue again and he brought me some meat from town for the evening meal. In the meanwhile I placed an order for what was missing for next day delivery as it was shown as being available. I wrote to the customer service in the meanwhile and complained. I got an immediate answer that due to the snow the transport was delayed with meat and dairy supplies to their shop, with their apology. I explained that I was dependent on their deliveries for my meals. Eventually my delivery arrived later in afternoon, even containing two of the articles that were apparently not available. This was now a complete muddle. Tomorrow I will be receiving another delivery of the goods that should have been missing, but were apparently found. Online buying can be quite muddling sometimes.

RDP Monday: Muddle

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Muddle

  1. My store often substitutes sizes — I order a small onion and get a grapefruit-sized onion, I order a tub of sour cream (about 2 cups worth), and get a 3-lbs tub. Fortunately, they have not brought me wrong orders or orders missing any items.

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    • I have a clause where I can accept substitutes, but I do not allow it. Mainly for the reason that you say. Their idea of a substitute is probably not mine.


      • right – but you can make triple-deckers, several slices of charcuterie in between the bread slices! And throw something else you have too much of in the freezer. It’s pure jealousy over here…. I left my freezer in France. It still worked perfectly well but was highly non-environmentally friendly by today’s standards. Arriving here I needed every squ-inch of my cellar space. And funnily as much as I’d like to get another one, I also can get by without. I KNOW I can’t take up the manyfold offers (often large packages or double rations or so), I have no ice cream in summer and therefore we get an ice cream from the stall as a treat when we’re down at the lake or I pay the price for ONE unit of what I need…. it works, in the end – both ways.

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        • Having mobilitiy problems, especially in the Swiss Winter, I rely on my freezer for food, although I get online deliveries regularly, but I just have to be prepared as I have a family to feed. We very rarely eat ice cream.

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