Good Morning

Not so bad this morning, although I was a little early for a photo. It is change of bed linen day today so I already begun to strip my bed earlier than my usual bed leaving time. I have now recovered the duvet and pillow on my bed and the rest will follow later. Mr. Swiss slept through it all, lucky man. At least there is a small orange-red stripe on the horizon so it can only get better.

I was watching the inauguration of President Biden yesterday on the TV, as I think most of us were. What a wonderful ceremony. I even got a little sentimental. It was so well organised.

Yesterday a great tit/chickadee landed in my garden for some goodies. They usually visit the bird house, but this one decided to see if the food choice was something better on the ground level.

Otherwise I was at home for the day. I was thinking of going places, but my scooter needed some new power, so No. 1 son got our needs. I only wanted one portion of yeast for baking bread. One cube gives me two breads of 500 grammes each, which is quite good. If I have time today I will be baking a wholewheat bread which will be something new. I also have to cook lunch, but no big deal. I usually do Spaghetti with meat on Thursday but my online supplier did not send the meat and I had none frozen. However, I have a packet of frozen prawns, so I will be making my spaghetti with them. I wrote to the supplier yesterday and it seems the problem is that I usually take the first slot of the day from 10-11 p.m. and often the new delivery on Monday has not yet arrived from the suppliers. I will now choose an afternoon slot, which actually makes no difference for me. I have also ordered more meat to freeze to have a reserve. I am really becoming the chief logistic expert .

Mr. Swiss and I have both now reserved our appointment for our Covid jabs and we are now waiting to receive a notification of the date and time. I get the statistics of the developments in our Kanton (and complete Switzerland) daily on the computer programme and notice that the cases are falling, although certainly not perfect. From 9,000 daily in complete Switzerland it is now down to about 4,000 daily which is an improvement and in our particular part of our Kanton there were just 4 new cases reported yesterday. In our village there have been no new cases for the past month.

And now I must go further if I want to get all my chores dealt with. Stay safe, will be back later, probably with flour and residue covering my hands and sometimes face from my bread baking. As I was sitting here at the computer I saw that the clouds outside my window were showing a few blue patches. Of course I left my place, went quickly outside and the following photo is the result.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The Inauguration seems to have been done well. That is what I have been told by those who actually watched it. I avoided it, but then later realized that I should not have expected it to be objectionable without the politician who had been making such governmental matters so objectionable for the past four years. I am very concerned about what can happen with the President Biden Administration, but at least most of us like him, and he can behave.

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      • Biden is quite a golden oldie for the job, but he has plenty of experience and I think he has some good people in his team. Anything is better than the last clown and Biden is making making a good impression over here.

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  1. Good morning … great photos … a beautiful morning sky with azure tones mixed in with the gold … speaking of gold … Lady Gaga’s gold microphone was really something … as was her peace dove on her dress … have a great day .. maybe by tomorrow … your snow will be all melted? One can only hope … SLP …

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    • I didn’t even notice the gold microphone but I was only watching from the kitchen so could not see the details. It was a great event and I watched it until the end. Our snow has no intention of going away so fast and there will be some more over the week-end it seems.


  2. Good afternoon, our sun has left for today, and the fog is drifting in. Rain or snow is in the forecast. I was impressed with Biden’s inauguration as the news out of Washington DC has been so negative. te HouseIt showed the World regardless of what had happened 2 weeks was not a true picture of the US. The walk to the White House showed who control the nation. The mask order is impressive as now it is patriotic to wear one. Your last pictural show the climate very well. It is cold out. Have a pleasant evening.

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    • It was a bit of a boring day today. The sun appeared in the morning for a few minutes and afterwards it was cloudy all day. We seem to be slowly becoming a ghost town in my area. It is not like it used to be with people shopping and meeting on the streets. Most people like me order their groceries online and stay at home. The advantage is that Covid is being reduced in our country, but something is missing somewhere. We have no social contact to other people. I think most of us are now breathing a sigh of relief that America has a new president.

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  3. Lovely views of the outdoors from your part of the world. Over here, sky was blue a bit more than yesterday but I was unable to pay more attention towards it because of my Uncle’s condition, who was tested positive for Covid earlier this week and this morning, his blood oxygen level dropped significantly low. He is stable now but not completely.
    I enjoyed spaghetti this past Sunday, which was good 🙂

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