Good Morning

The sun rises and I hope it will be here to stay today. I do not have a lot of time this morning. My cleaning angel is here busy with my kitchen at the moment, and I am waiting for her to finish as I have a full programme of baking a bread and cooking lunch. I also want to finish this piece of literature. I see she is just putting the finishing touches to my kitchen and so I can now move on. There is now a short interlude, but time permitting I will be back to write some more.

In the meanwhile I leave you with one of my motion photos of a sparrow in flight: fascinating how they spread their wings when taking off.

And now I have returned.

My pastry is rising and this afternoon will be baked for a nice fresh bread for the evening. I am really enjoying my new found hobby. However, I no longer have any yeast, but I might even venture into town tomorrow. The weather is improving, temperatures are rising and after almost a month indoors it is time to venture into the outside world again, although I will only be shopping for the minimum. My online ordering of food will now be a fixture. It is so much more relaxing.

Now and again I now get visits from my great tits which I believe are known as chickadees in the states. They really like to eat from food that is hanging somewhere, or go the bird house which is on stilts. Probably they like the view from above.

I again got interested in a programme on our TV yesterday. It was a report on the history of films from various popular groups. My No. 1 son usually spends the evening in his room but he noticed what I was watching and naturally joined me for the whole programme. It was really a walk through history of modern pop music. It was followed up by “A Hard Days Night” the first cinema film from the Beatles. It was in black and white and No. 1 son naturally stayed to watch it with me. However, I told him I was not staying up until midnight to watch the complete film, so he hung on until I switched the TV off. The Beatles were all so much younger but their music has remained good throughout the years. It really transports me back to my younger years.

And now really time to go. The bread is rising and dinner is cooking and the cleaning angel is nearly finished. Have a great day all, will be back later with more reports from the Swiss wilderness where the hedgehogs and mice say goodnight to each other. I leave you with a view of our morning sunrise.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. .sounds like you have a busy kitchen going already this morning .. thanks for the great photos of the birdies coming to visit for their morning treats … have a great day … SLP …

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    • I was surprised how easy it went this morning. Got my pastry going for the bread and had nice time left for cooking dinner and even managed to say Good Morning to everyone on WordPress. Just a matter of organisation.


  2. Good afternoon, the sun is out and it cold, 23F/-5C. Not much is happening today. It is a shower day and changing the sheets. I hope your bread was a success. This a stressful time in the next 2 days. Have a wonderful evening and stay safe.


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    • A sunny day here, still cold but not so much. I was busy baking bread again. Thursday is my day for changing sheets. The sheets are no problem, but recovering the duvet is more work.

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  3. I remember when ‘A Hard Days Night’ came to the movie theatres. I saw it with a group of friends but everyone in the theatre was screaming so loudly that we had to go back 3-4 times to hear the actual dialogue. Such a good film.

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