Good Morning

I was almost disappointed this morning when there was no glorious sunrise to greet me. It was a grey blanket over everything, although clear. However, patience brings roses as they say, and suddenly there was a bright light coming from somewhere. I again ventured outside, being careful not to create an accident by falling on the hardened snow and captured the sun. We might even have a sunny day today, although still very cold. I am not going anywhere and doing anything in particular. I am having my shopping brought to my doorstep, so what could be better. I got the delivery slot this morning from 11-12 a.m. although I would prefer an hour earlier, but Monday is no great rush to cook lunch. I have odered five breads which I will vauum in plastic before freezing. They are a reserve for the week, although I will probably bake bread myself in between. I read that vacuum packing the bread before freezing keeps them much longer and fresher in the freezer. I also enjoy doing it, looks so neat and tidy when done.

I had such an interesting visitor in the garden yesterday. I have no idea what this bird is, although I suspect it to be some sort of finch. It has such a lovel colourful breast. I saw a couple of them sitting in the trees opposite. The snowfall did not seem to bother them so much.

It is truly wonderful to see the birds outside whilst sitting in the kitchen enjoying. I am having my breakfast and so are the birds. I never thought I would one day live in such a wonderful place, especially after growing up in a working class family in one of the back streets of London, although we also had our bird life. It was mostly the London sparrows I would watch from the top window of our little house hopping around on the opposite roof. The house is now long gone, demolished in the seventies and so are the sparrows. I heard that the sparrow population in London is diminishing unfortunately.

Another day at home for me with company from my radio and in the evening the TV. I at last watched a film completely yesterday. Luckily the BBC channel fim four repeat the films and I can never really watch from beginning to end. I usually have to interrupt them to go down to the laundry room in the cellar, or perhaps quickly inject my MS medicine in between. There is also washing to hang to dry from the machine. The reason I do my washing in the evening is because from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. our electricity is half price, and it really saves, another little quirk I have in my daily golden oldie life. Anyhow yesterday I managed to watch The Transformers, Age of Extinction. I just love those fantasy films and this time the mechanical abilities of the transformers were fascinating. The transforming objects had to leave their planet and settled on earth. With time they were accepted and built their own way of life. I just loved the baby transformers which were learning how to become a machine, especially a little fire breathing baby machine learning how to breathe fire, but only managed a few puffs of smoke. The story was not too bad and even Anthony Hopkins had a role and Seven Spielberg was one of the directors, so it was well done: a good film before retiring to hug the bed.

And now I must really move on to further fields with the copany of a vacuum cleaner and mop. Have a good day everyone, and may the beginning of the working week have smooth runnings.

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … lots of great looking birdies … coming to sample the treats you leave … such a wonderful thing. Have a great day. Don’t work too hard cleaning the house .. it will only just get dirty again!!! … SLP …

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    • Today was not such a birdie day. I think their little tummies are now full and they were digesting. Typical man advice – of course it will get dirty again, but less dirty if you clean it. And it is my hobby, what else should I do all day.


  2. I love you watching The Transformers movie! My boys had (I still have them boxed up) the Transformer action figures and used to watch them on TV after school. Amazing they are popular again. I have always had an extra freezer, so I smile when you talk about filling yours. Knowing there is back-up, especially now, is such a good feeling. I don’t know what I would do without my freezer. The one with the fridge is good, but not near as big as I need. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • I seem to have missed out on the transformers over the years, but am now catching up. I love watching them, now must look out for some of the figures. I am sure they would look great on the piano, or shelf in the kitchen.
      I got my freezer chest as I realised I would no longer perhaps be mobile enough to go shopping regularly and it is a blessing. Today I froze five breads and vacuumed them in plastic for freezing. At least we will have our daily bread.

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  3. Good Morning!
    Our weather here is great, which is bad. It was more than 75 degrees (24 degrees Celsius) here yesterday, and more than 85 degrees (29 degrees Celsius) in the Los Angeles Region. It has been like this for a few days. I am concerned that spring flowers will start to bloom, and then be ruined when winter weather, although mild here, resumes. I am putting seed out, and some of it needs chill. I should probably first refrigerate that which needs chill, but I am confident that the weather will get cooler before winter ends. I should have started earlier.

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    • I can onl dream of Summer temperatures here. Your 29° C is Summer for me. Our seeds automatically get a chill 4-5 months of the year. Today is a little warmer and even the snow is melting, although it will be a couple of days before it disappears – if it does not snow again.

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  4. Good afternoon, I am running late on my internet. The wheelchair arrived today and is lightweight and I can love myself. Pumpkin is responding to the medicine and she is a different cat. I wonder how long she has been hurting. Jack frost paid a visit last and today is sunny and cold out as high pressure takes over the weather. Your bird could well be a Bullfinch It reminds me HAve a stress free evening and enjoy the TVof our spotted towhee or the rose-breast grosbeak.

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    • I have been running late all day. My delivery arrived from the store and I lost time sorting everything. Afterwards I was busy with something on the computer that I wanted to buy and they didn’t have it and everything seemed to be doing what it shouldn’t.My husband lost one of his ear plugs for listening to the radio on his phone and has not yet found it. Everything was a little annoying today.

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  5. It’s NOT a chickadeer. Wrong size, wrong color, wrong shape. it’s a Robin. A European Robin. You have what they call the Chaffinch, but it’s your version of a Robin. If you’d lived in the country, you’d have seen these in England. In theory, they live almost everywhere in Europe, but practically, there are always areas that the birds “miss,” and then show up later. These are the original “Robin Redbreast” of childhood poetry and they sing very pretty songs. The bird you call a robin is ALSO a European Robin, another variant and all (including our Robin) are all related. They all are insect eaters, almost exclusively, which is why they don’t show up at your feeder very often. Some of them will occasionally eat some seeds, but mostly, they eat insects. They are great to have around. They really get rid of the flies and other bugs and they eat grubs. I love them!

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    • Our European robins are robins and their breast is only about two thirds covered with an intense red cover. This bird in the photo is definitely a bull finch with the tell tale colouring of the wing feathers. I have a regular robin visitor in my garden and have made many photos of it.


  6. FYI, the Chickadee is not a generic name. It’s a specific bird. Small, rather round. About the size of a big bright feathery ping-pong ball. They come in several varieties and are the state bird of Massachusetts — the Black-capped Chickadee. We also have a Rose-breasted Chickadee and one other, whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten. They are very friendly little birds, the only ones that don’t fly away as soon as I set foot on the deck.

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