RDP Sunday: Nut-Brown

It all started just before Christmas. I had a cupboard in the kitchen and the contents would not behave themselves. There was a large metal dish that did not fit. No matter what I tried the door would be constantly opening, because I could not close it due to the corners on the dish. Someone made the suggestion to use the dish for various seasonal objects (in wordpress) and so the dish found its way on the table in the dining section of the living room with various bits and pieces and had a purpose in its ornamental life. Everything was a bit nut brown and now and again I would replenish the items that got eaten.

That is the problem. This dish is next to my computer when I am in the living room and temptation is always present. As I am typing and applying my unique ideas of what to write, I get see all those inviting nuts and sweets. Now and again I eat a peanut, perhaps crack a walnut, not to mention unwrapping and eating a piece of chocolat. The problem are the nut shells, the chocolate papers and even some tangerine peel. It can get quite messy, but I no longer have a problem to close the cupboard door in the kitchen.

Nut brown is just a symptom.

RDP Sunday: Nut-Brown

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