Good Morning

The morning after the big snow is looking wonderful but just do not go out in it. This morning I filled up the bird food. When I filled up the water bowl my fingers were sticking to the metal of the bowl. We had -10°C outside and that is cold. I was actually thinking about breaking out again into town, but decided it is too early. I need warmer temperatures.

Our covid statistics seem to be getting less, although no reason for jubilation. It is still hovering around, but luckily our area is one of the less affected.

At the moment I seem to be getting bird visitors of all sorts.

Yesterday was another day at home. I got my delivery of food to see me through the week-end. It was time again to order for next week, so I made myself comfortable with my iPad and did the necessary. I do not like to wait too long otherwise it might be that my preferred delivery slot for Monday morning is already gone. I was surprised to see that the delivery of 10-11 pm. was already occupied, so I hurried to get my order finished and got 11-12 delivery. Actually it makes no great difference as I am already covered for Monday, but I like to get it dealt with.

Today I am planning to have another attempt at baking a bread. I am cooking chilli con carne this evening and we like to eat it with enough bread. Some like to have it with rice, but not our taste so much.

Otherwise I really have little happening here at the moment and just watch the snow falling now and again.

I had a little excitement this morning. I opened the window to put something outside on the porch and in ran one of my visiting cats. She was so quick and disappeared in the apartment, so I spent the next few minutes searching for her. She eventually appeared and I managed to get her into the kitchen where she disappeared out of the window back to the garden. That was probably my excitement for the day.

And now I am left to wish everyone a good week-end, take it easy and do you best to avoid Mr. Covid. I must now get on with this and that.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures of the birdies perched on their branches … all waiting for their turn at your birdfeeder … have a great day… we might see sun here today … dunno …. I am hoping … SLP …

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  2. The last two photos with the birds on the snow-covered branches are so pretty. They remind of Christmas cards we used to receive that always had cardinals on the branches.

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  3. Good afternoon, I awoke to a dense now fog. Now at 9:00 AM, the sun is breaking through the fog and it is 28F/-2C. My wheelchair should arrive this weekend. After 4 tries, the fifth try was successful and now she is on medicine she is a different cat. She had a problem when we added to our family. It is going to be a stressful week in the US and Biden/Harris are sworn in as President/Vice P. There is another action from Trump’s supporters. Enjoy bread and chili and stay safe.

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    • My bread turned out perectly, at least it looks good. We will be eating it later with the chilli. Glad that the medicine is working OK with the cat. They can be very difficult when they have to take medicine or tablets. We in Europe will all be glad to see the back of Trump, he has even been refused entry into Scotland to his favourite golfing club. He is a liar and no one likes him. No snow today, but very cold. the roads have been cleared but it is still laying on the ground and trees in the garden.

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    • That kitty never needs an invitation. She just walks in, and investigates to see if there is any food around. She has been living here for a year and really makes herself at home- The cold snow doesn’t seem to bother her.

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