Good Morning

It is an overcast sky this morning and surprise, it is raining. I was expecting a snow filled day after reading the forecast. We evening had a blizzard warning for our little village with its 920 population, but someone somewhere up in the sky decided to spare us and instead we are having a watery morning. At least the snow is now disappearing, and the birds do not have to seek for their food.

Am now in my second week of isolation and to be quite honest, I am enjoying it, although I suppose there will come a time when I will be glad to escape again. However, I think my days of wheeling off to the stores and buying are now almost over. Online buying is great for us golden oldies. No more stress or rush, just take your time looking at the pretty pictures of meat and veg and choose what you want. Yesterday I suddenly realised I had forgotten Friday evening food. I had a completed my order for delivery on Friday morning, had a quick look and saw the Friday morning slot still existed. I sent a separate order including a couple of other items, paid online and it worked. The store thanked me for my order as always and it will be included with the Friday delivery. Although it is not something I would do regularly, I was just lucky to be able to choose the same slot. I am learning my new life style fast.

My little robin arrived again yesterday and made the most of having the bird house to himself. It had been quite crowded during the snow storm with sparrows, but they are now quietly digesting somewhere. I am always reminded of the Britsh Christmas cards when I see him in the garden, especially when he is surrounded by snow.

I made my first attempt at making mayonnaise yesterday, but it did not exactly turn out as it should. I probably added the oil too quickly. It did thicken, but more resembled a pea soup than mayonnaise. Mr. Swiss found it tasted fine although perhaps he was just being polite. I suppose we learn by our mistakes. The next time I am hoping for more success.

I watch mainly the BBC British TV and am not getting very good reports on the progress of the fight against Mr. Covid. Their new solution seems to be putting hospital patients who are not considered bad enough to warrant a hospital bed, into hotels. At least the food might be better. It seems to me the British government no longer knows what to do with their medical problems. However, in Switzerland things are also changing daily. We now have lock down all over the country and not just a few Kantons that are making their own decisions, I have not been into town for more than a week but I know that all restaurants are closed. Actually it is now only the grocery departments of the stores that are open and they are only allowed to sell articles necessary for daily use, such a food and toilet paper of course. Everything else is tabu. The more I hear about the vaccine productions and distribution, the more I am becoming uncertain. I am no longer so worried not yet being on the waiting list as I am spending my life at home with no socialising. I might see a neighbour but not very often, otherwise it is just Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son. This vaccine is OK. I should have two injections within the space of three weeks, although it is now a problem to get enough for the country. Otherwise I will probably have to inject annually to keep the coverage. What a life. I sometimes feel as if I am part of a science fiction novel or film, although they generally have a happy end. Reality can be a little different unfortunately

And now to move on, although my daily routine is not so full of stress. I am expecting a couple of parcels from online orders. At least that is not yet forbidden. Keep safe, try to relax and make the most of what you have. I close with a photo of my sparrows siting in the tree opposite digesting.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It goes to show how different your culture is to ours.

    Who can possibly determine what in “necessary”? Because what is necessary for one person is not necessary for another. At the very start of this, there were reports of police in Norfolk, I think, patrolling supermarket aisles in order to prevent people buying “unnecessary” items. The government stamped that out, in very short order.

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      • Gosh, it was national news here, when the police tried to step in. It was stamped out very quickly, iirc, I think even BoJo got involved.
        Thet restricted the shops that could open to those who sold food, but that was quite a loose definition. Shops like M&S opened, and although they cordoned off large parts of the stores, they still sold items other than food.

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  2. My neighbor across the street called me this morning and gave me another site to visit to register for the vaccine. So now I have two websites that are totally full and tell me to check back. I’m like you–staying home, except for the occasional grocery store visit (we don’t have home delivery here). I am hoping staying away from people is some helpful until I can get the vaccine.

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  3. Good morning, my day has started off poorly. I couldn’t find my medicine container for my pills. I did find my pointer that I lost night. My Chromebook was acting up and so I got dressed. I had to wake my husband as he was not up.
    G-mail had a message about the COVID -19. The powers have more seniors until February taking the provides first. There was sunset last as the daylight is already longer. The sun came out yesterday afternoon, but it is cloudy out and the cloud is dark. It is nice that being without a car or activity. Have stress free day and stay safe.

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    • I often lose things after five minutes because I cannot remember where I put them. Yesterday evening I was emptying the dishwasher and hit my head on the corner of the cupboard door. I saw stars for a while and am left with a red mark on my forehead, but I will survive.
      As I am now quite safe and comfortable at home, I am not bothering so much with my vaccination. Ou levels of cobid have also dropped considerbly in our Kanton, so I will wait a while.

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  4. Good Morning!
    SOMEDAY . . . I must experience snow. I did experience it in Oklahoma, but was not impressed. I want to try it again. It looks so pretty and white. It should get to 74 degrees (23 degrees Celsius) today. I am rushing to finish all the winter pruning before spring, or before the weather gets warmer. (It should actually get cooler and rainier first). Brent, my colleague down south, is going to Joshua Tree, near Palm Springs, today for a few days. It should be excellent out there, although it will get colder later.

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    • I think what you call cold is our nice spring or Autumn temps. Cold here is when the watering can is no longer full of water but solid ice as mine has been for the past week. Today it thawed, but we had rain all day which will be replaced by snow tomorrow. I am glad I do not live in a village further up the mountain. Mr. Swiss grew up in such a village where he went to school on skis or on the sledge.

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  5. Appointments finally opened here and my husband and I were able to sign up last night for 26 Jan! It was quite confusing as many days were full. If it’s like that where you are you will do fine with your computer skills, but others in our age group won’t be able to figure it all out!

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