RDP Tuesday: Health

I seem to be on health trip at the moment. Perhaps it is because I no longer go to a store to buy food but choose from my computer screen and now I have a selection of tangerines, oranges and lemons, so my vitamin C ration is cared for.

I have developed a love of dealing with fresh food knowing what it is exactly, and not prefabricated ready made food where the origins are a little doubtful. I remember my last visit to England where you could buy easy to spread butter. It really was, no carving and having bread ripped apart by the knife a perfect cover for the bread, but why was the butter easy to spread. Was it a chemical process, or just a simple solution? I do not know, but I would never buy it – far too suspicious.

And so I have my oranges and lemons for a healthy in between snack.

RDP Tuesday: Health

9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Health

  1. It’s quite hard to obtain now, most of our spreads are, butter plus somesuch. M&S still do it, but premium food. Ingredients listed are nothing out of the ordinary. Ij ust eat Lidl spread because… you gotta die of something, right?

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    • We have various choices of butter here. Some they classify as cooking butter, and the most expensive would be premium butter. I cook with butter always, but our cooking butter and the cheapest variety. I have not noticed a different taste, and as far as I am concerned butter is butter. I only use oil in my salad sauce, olive oil from Italy and that all serves me well.

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      • come to think of it, President spreadable was on of our regular bulk buys when we went over to France. Mrs Bump will only use butter, but I’m less fussy. Most spreads are “acceptable”.


  2. Wise choice Pat! I can never think of butter in the UK w/o thinking of an overweight friend who sweared by her ‘Utterly butterly’ – the tv spot went something like ‘I can’t believe this is not butter’ (although I wouldn’t know exactly as we never had TV).

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  3. I buy whipped butter. It’s pure butter but it is a little easier to spread, and the fat is not so concentrated which is good for me. Here, easy to spread butter is mixed with Canola oil or something. I love your photo. I might paint it. 🙂

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