Good Morning

My little robin (no longer so little, but putting on weight) was the first to visit this morning. He is working it all out and got to the replenished food supply before the others. Our sunny days seem to have disappeared and we are back to cloud cover today and it is getting colder.

Yesterday he was really putting on a show for me and I must have at least 30 photos of him hopping from here to there.

I seem to be spending time at the moment on working out my online shopping plans and planning how to cook this and that. I have now got the bread baking tick, but that needs time. Making the pastry is a few minutes with my machine, but then you have to let it rise for an hour, work on it again and another half an hour before putting it in the oven. That is OK, but I have to time it to fit it into my daily routine. If I begin in the afternoon, it will be a stress to get it ready by evening, as I am only available from 3.00 p.m. The best time would be when I stop hugging the bed to prepare the pastry first of all in the morning, then I can complete the whole process by lunchtime. That would mean necessarily rising already at 7.30 a.m. and sometimes I do like to remain in my nice warm bed for a little longer. On the other hand I could forget the whole thing. I just like to learn new things even as a golden oldie.

Today is Sunday, the day I like to bake a cake, which I really enjoy. I am extending my repertoire. Last week it was an orange cake and this week will be a lemon cake. During the week we have it as a snack in between and everyone in the family takes their turn to cut off a piece.

Mr. Swiss disappeared off to bed and I was left to watch an interview with John Le Carré, author of many spy books. I have read quite a few, but I must say they can be a bit heavy going. Le Carrè passed away shortly but could look back on a successful writing career, based on his own experiences drawn from the British secret service, MI6. The interview was followed by a film based on his novel “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy” with a cast including Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberpatch and John Hurt, to name a few. I saw half of the film before retiring to bed. I would liked to have watched all of it, but it would have meant retiring in the early hours of the morning, which is a little too late for my routine. I have always had a sort of fascination for the spy stories of Britain, growing up in the years of the cold war when some British civil servants became spies for the Russians. One of the last British spies of the cold war era was George Blake who was imprisoned in England. He escaped to Russia and passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 98 after living in Russia since 1966. In the eyes of the Russians he was a hero, but in the eyes of the Brits a first class traitor.

And that is all I have to offer this morning. I am now going to get going with cooking Sunday lunch, veal stew. I also now have the job of slowly preparing documents for the income tax declaration. I have a couple of months time, but I prefer to do it bit by bit. Mr. Swiss has handed over the job to me as he can no longer manage so well, but I glad of his help and support. Thank goodness we have a guy that does the formula for us, but we have to supply the information.

Have a good Sunday and make the most of it. It will soon be Monday again, although as a golden oldie one day is the same as the last. I do not even go on shopping trips now and it must be at least a week since I used my scooter and a month my wheelchair, although it is too cold for fun journeys.

I was just preparing to put my camera away yesterday when I saw one of our regular feline visitors crouching next to my raised bed wall in the garden. She is just curious to see what is happening. I noticed she is not so keen on eating the feline treats I have.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures of the birdie and the last one of the cat is nice .. so much composition .. the lines of the wall, the curves of the cat and the texture of the gravel .. you have a keen eye … I dabbled in photography for a while many years ago and I came to realize you have to take 100 photos to get that one … “perfect” … shot that you like to share … which can be rewarding… but for me .. back in the day … you had to develop them in the darkroom … it came to be very solitary and I found I wanted something that was more out in the open and involved others … all that has been put to rest now with the new digital machines … so that’s progress I reckon. Have a great day .. by now you have probably decided what kind of treat you are going to bake .. I know it will be a good one .. SLP …

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    • I only began photography with digital cameras. Actually Mr.Swiiss bought a new digital camera and gave me the old one.. from then on I progressed and now have my own DSLR Canon. He gave up a long while ago I will probably bake a lemon cake.


  2. Friday was a long day for this senior as my doctor’s visit to up most of the day. Speaking of spy stories, have read Helen Mac Innes’ thillers? She wrote in the 1950s most of them concerns problems after the war. I believe she is a UK author. I have read most of them. I was able to read the one where the Nazis enter Poland. The robin and friendly cat pictures brought a smile. Enjoy your lemon cake and have stress free evening. Stay safe!

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    • i have never read anything from Helen MacInnes, must have a look. Otherwise I read a lot of fictional spy events, rather than non-fiction, Today was another icy cold day, although the sun did appear, but there was not a lot of warmth. The lemon cake is now cooling down.

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