Good Morning

A nice looking sunrise this morning: nothing extreme, but no clouds to dampen my spirits.

I have already done a day’ s work before even looking at the computer. Saturday is watering day of my seven remaining orchids. They are nothing special during Winter. they all blossomed wonderfully for the second time last summer and are now recovering from the efforts. I hope they can survive until this year’s summer. My first job was to set up dinner. I have boiled beef and that takes a few hours to cook nice a tender. I know I could cook it in my pressure cooker, but it never turns out as tender as slow cooking. I now have the advantage that the apartment is full of the nice beefy aroma and I do not have to bother with cooking during the morning. I just add the veg an hour before serving and cook some some potatoes.

I noticed in the very cold unpleasant weather the birds are not so active. However, now the sun is shining during the day, they venture out again to see what there is on offer. This tit made itself comfortable on a tree.

My little robin also arrived, on its own of course. It prefers to have the choice to itself. I also noticed he seems to be getting a little more round, thanks to the regular meals.

I had a bit of stress yesterday. Sometimes logistical developments can get a little on top of you. My online food order arrived yesterday morning promptly as usual. There was a little more than usual, but not really a big problem, although I had more to organise. I also got two online deliveries otherwise and so it was something like Christmas parcels. I had some fresh meat to freeze. I had ordered two pieces of steak, knowing they would be cut too thick for my liking. I divided them and then vacuumed them for freezing which also took more time. When the food was organised I got round to unpacking my parcels. Eventually it was almost midday and I had not even begun to cook or deal with any cleaning. I decided as a golden oldie I had no appointments, so took it one step at a time. First of all did the daily cleaning routine. In the meanwhile I had prepared the veg and started to cook it (it was chicory so no great work). Eventually I started on lunch and somehow with my bionic properties and being a wonder woman, we were all sitting at the table, perhaps a little later, but no-one had hunger pains. I decided I should look online for one of those wonder woman head bands, a tiara, to suit my style. Perhaps they have magic powers. I just had a look and they are sold out. They must be quite popular.

And now I should really get a move on, although again not a stressful day. Have a good one, take it easy and follow the Covid rules. I am sure you now know them inside out.

Yesterday’s afternoon clouds

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … yes you and all the other spouses and mothers … and grandmothers .. truly are wonder women .. and the value of your nurturing … is not appreciated … in my view … but of course no one ever asks me what I think … I just put it out there … good to hear you dealt with your supply chain issues yesterday … you could consider becoming a corporate consultant … in your WW tiara!!! Now there’s a thought … for today … have a great one .. it is going to be sunny here for a change .. and a bit warm I think .. so it is going to be walk walk walk here … for “moi” at least … take care .. SLP ….


    • Today is a nice quiet day. Everything organised. Everyone happy with dinner and sunny outside. Just very cold, so I have made myself comfortable with my computer and some good music in the background.


  2. Good afternoon, it is foggy out and just above freezing. The sun is expected break through the fog later today. Yes we are Wonder woman as we do much work around the home. Stay safe and have good evening.

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