Good Morning

The sun rises again at last. It was a long wait, but here it is. Whether it will stay all day I do not know, but I am not going anywhere, at least I do not intend to. It is still quite cold, but a little better.

We even had a few flurries of snow yesterday,, although not quite a flurry as it was heavy, but after half an hour it stopped and did not return.

So what did I do yesterday? At last I baked my first bread since at least 40 years. I will not say it was brilliant, but we could eat it.

I decided to make it with brown flour. Mixing the pastry was easy as I have a very good machine. All I had to do was put in the ingredients in the bowl (flour, dissolved yeast in warm water, a small spoonful of salt and sugar) and mix them which took only a few minutes in the machine. Afterwards I kneaded it and then left it to raise. I had to find a warm place for the pastry to rise which was not so easy. We have floor heating and no radiators, but I have a small room with the heating pipes so I put the pastry on the warm floor in a bowl. It worked as the pastry rose enough after an hour. Afterwards I had to play with the pastry again and knock it around a bit and then left it to raise again for half an hour. It was then ready to be baked.

Here is the finished product, but as said not so perfect. However, everyone found it good. Perhaps if I had used semi-white flour it might have been better, so that is my plan for the next time. I have decided I have enough time to practice and with time I hope my results will be perfect.

In the meanwhile I have also ordered my super Spatzli making gadget which is apparently already on its way according to an e-mail I received yesterday. I was reading yesterday that our stores are now getting quite deserted with less customers as many now order online. The online delivery service has also improved considerably with 1-2 day delivery slots. It is all a matter or organisation and I just have to plan ahead. I made my weekend food programme already on Tuesday and it will be delivered tomorrow morning. Now I am already beginning to study what I will need for next week. I will send off the order over the week-end and hope for a Monday morning delivery slot. It does not really bother me so much to go to the store, but we now have Swiss Winter and you never know what the weather will be. Snow showers arrive unexpectedly and I must say I did not calculate the icy freezing temperatures in my plan.

The conclusion for me is to be as independent as possible. I am learning to bake my own bread (although I can organise my bread to freeze with no problem). I do not think I will start making my own pasta, although I have also done that in the past. It is a lot of work, although if I was an Italian mama I would have grown up making my own pasta. My online supplier does not do frozen goods, but there is another branch of the same supplier which does, so that is also a solution. I am also glad that I do not now have to mix with others. The Covid situation in our area is not too bad, although our hospitals also have their problems with new patients, but I do not want to take too many risks, so until I am vaccinated I stay at home as much as possible.

And now to move on. Today is again fresh bed linen day. The beds are stripped, so now it is a case of cleaning the frames, under the bed and refurbishing with sheets and new duvet and cushion covers. All in the days work of a housewife, with a little help from Mr. Swiss.

Stay safe and well.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The recipe said to put a bowl of water in the oven when backing to make it crisp,which I did. I am just learning how it works, so thanks for the advice. I will definitely do that the next time.


  1. It looks like a good rustic bread to me. My son texted me this morning that his coworker tested positive for Covid. My son had just received his first vaccine on Monday so went back yesterday for another test and it came back negative. This is hitting way to close to home now. Stay safe. Home delivery of anything sounds so very good right now.


    • The is still a waiting line on the phone to book a vaccine appointment, but now I am a little nearer. My neurologe is preparing the recommendation letter I will need to have it done. Good that your son has had the first vaccination. I am so glad I no longer have to go shopping so much.

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  2. Good afternoon, It is overcast this morning with storm clouds. The temperature is just over freezing so the moisture will be rain. I noted that a large of the lawn is turning green. That usually means an early spring. Our local food bank has been coming to the building every Wednesday. Yesterday there were items we could use. It included eggs and two ready to eat meals. Kathy just arrived and she got me my morning tea. I have my annual health check tomorrow and get a shot for my osteoporosis and the flu. I like your method of keeping busy. Yesterday I saw several pictures of your robin and saw for the first time how relates to our robin. Instead of being single, our move-the berries, the flocks. They will clean out all berries in a day. When you see the first robin you know that spring has arrived. Have a pleasant evening and stay safe.

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    • Today we had a sunny day and I had the feeling that the time is slowly coming when I will be out and about again, although stay at home life suits me: no stress. Our robins are rarely in flocks, but I think they are a different type of robin to those in the States.

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  3. Ha! You know what an Italian Mama is?! I thought that was an American ‘thing’. Because I have such an Italian name, I hear it all, and am subjected to all the Italian stereotypes. I don’t know what it is about people of Italian descent, as well as people of Mexican descent, but everyone else thinks that we just arrived from Italy; or that those of Mexican descent just came from Mexico. People often ask me what part of Italy I am from. I tell them ‘Sunnyvale’ (which is the town next to San Jose where my ancestors have lived for more generations than just about any other family here).

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    • If you watch enough Hollywood films as I did, of course you know what an Italian Mama is, especially if you watch the gangster films with the life and times of Al Capone and all his colleagues.

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