RDP Wednesday: Lineament

You cannot hide the truth, it is there in the middle of your face. It has served me well over the years and my sneezes were always heard, even from a distance. Yes we AngloSwiss tribes were gifted with overlarge noses. My grandfather had one, My dad had one, and although he cannot help it, No. 1 Son also has one. It was always said that I was my dad’s daughter.

Here we are together when I was about 16 years old, although I have more the look of Amy Winehouse and she was not even born then. Unfortunately I could not sing like her. Note dad with his tie. In those days blue jeans and a sweatshirt were not qualified as Sunday best. The family were then visiting his sister and so we dressed up for the occasion. Again note the nose, it was a family thing. Mum also had quite a large nose, so I did not really have a big chance.

We were sitting outside the Wish Tower Restaurant in a place called Eastbourne on the English coast. It is funny how names remain. I had a look in Internet and found the café which still exists, however now under name of Bistro Pièrre, now a French restaurant.

Times change and so do places, but yes, the nose remains.

RDP Wednesday: Lineament

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Lineament

        • How well I know that song. My dad would sing it. He was a great fan of Fats Waller, so grew up with his songs. Dad even saw him live when he visited England. That was before he met my mum in the olden days.


          • Wow! I’m envious! I generally prefer Baroque, Classical, or early Romantic music, but I also am a big fan of early Jazzmen like Fats Waller! He was a coy fellow, required to sing certain standards of the time that weren’t really his music, but he added sly asides into the song and inflections that were the equivalent of a wink so his fans knew he knew they knew he was playing along but not giving in to The Man. Besides, he just was a lot of fun to listen to!

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          • I actually listen to classic mostly during the day on my ear buds. Mr. Swiss is himself a jazz drummer by hobby and so he prefers Dizzy Gillespie and Cannonball Adderly to name just a couple.


  1. I heard that during Hitler’s time noses were called Gesichtserker…. He hated non German sounding words.
    Wear your nose with pride; it sure is an important and commanding part of your face. 🙂

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