RDP Monday: Galavant

There are times when galavanting about town, or just a local visit to the store, is not advisable. Having been in a locked down situation since last Wednesday, six days, I decided I must break out. I did not really have to buy anything. My cupboard, fridge and cellar is full of food. It resembles a mini version of our local supermarket. I just wanted to do it, getting back into the old routine: a golden oldie galavant.

And so I saddled my scooter, which had been lying dormant for almost a week. I checked that I had my gloves, was wearing a warm winter padded jacket with my trusty scarf around my neck, not forgetting my new nice woolly hat to keep my ears warm. What could possibly go wrong.

I left the warmth of the garage, opened the automatic door and road out into the unknown. After two minutes I was alreay wondering if I had done the right thing. My first problem was the pavement as there were remains of frozen snow in various places. Luckily there was no traffic on our little roadwhich was the path I was forced to ride. What stupid person would leave the warmth of their home to venture into these frozen places. Yes, I know, it was just me. I continued on my solitary scooter and made it to the sidewalk of the main road – so far so good. I would add I was really grateful that I had my gloves with me. On the was to the store, the thought was still roaming in my head whether this was a good idea. However, I eventually arrived, parked the scooter and entered the nice warm comfortable store. There were few people shopping. I wonder why. After half an hour I was finished, my frozen venture completed and I saddled up for the home journey. I had visions of a search party finding a golden oldie frozen on a scooter, despite the gloves and woolly hat, but I did it. I survived and scootered back to my nice warm garage place.

I arrived in my apartment again and decided that 0°C was not an ideal temperature to take a trip, even to the local store. I have now checked the weekly weather report. No snow or rain thank goodness, but temperatures remaining at 0°C. Perhaps I could install a heating on my scooter.

RDP Monday: Galavant

3 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Galavant

  1. If I want to get my.mail, I have to scooter up to the end of the apartment complex. I also use the paved road as the sidewalks are rarely cleared properly but the snow plows make way for cars.My problem is the wind here in WY which brings the 32F temp down considerably.

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