Good Morning

No sky photos this morning because we have returned to the old boring grey covers of last year. Spectacular sunrises are no longer. At least some of the remaining apples from my tree bring some colour into the day. I had more than a hundred but they have now been eaten. I did not even bake a Swiss apple flan with them. It was quite a good harvest.

It is back to normal (whatever that is) today. The stores are open again, at least those that are allowed with our lockdown covid rules. This morning in about an hour I will be receiving my online order for the week, which will cover all my requirements I hope. It is now the time in Winter when snowfalls and freezing temperatures are a normal appearance, although up to now it has not really happened. Our snow melted and disappeared after a day or two. I am covered for my main requirements this week, although I just might venture to the local supermarket today. I have 5-6 empty 1 liter plastic bottles for the communal bin at the store from our mineral water consumption which I should deposit. I also want to purchase the daily bread. No. 1 son still has a week’s holiday this week and he can get what I need. However, after five days at home I should really venture out into the open world.We have no rain or snow predicted for the next couple of days, although who knows.

The only visitors I have during the day are my birds, and they like to keep their distance. This one perched on the hedge for a better view.

This big bird also appeared on the tree outside. Not sure, but it might be a female blackbird as they are not as colourful as the men.

I also had a surprise when I uploaded this photo to see that a blue tit was perched on the tree branch: such a colourful bird.

Yesterday evening I was again left with the TV after Mr. Swiss retired to bed. There was a Jurassic Park film earlier in the evening, but I only caught the last five minutes and gradually I have the feeling “seen one, seen them all”. Eventually I settled for a “Justice League” film with Superman, super girl, batman and all the other heroes. It was OK but not exactly one of the best. They might conquer the villains, but I do it every day on my own conquering the cleaning of my apartment and cooking the meals. Admittedly Mr. Swiss always makes the beds.

Yet another pop star from my generation passed away yesterday: Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers from Liverpool. There are very few still around, but we are all becoming golden oldies, although they are still modern enough for me. I now realise how my parents must have thought about Bing Crosby and other singers of their time. They lived with their climb to fame.

Have a good day, we are all back to the normal pandemic routine with our masks, safety distances and all the trimmings.

So let’s finish with Ferry across the Mersey (Liverpool’s river) from Gerry Marsden, his own composition.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. the photos of all the birdies are a good substitute when the sun does not show itself. So that is fine. They are always happy and love to chirp their way through the day … a good example for everyone to follow. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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  2. Great repporting pat. We did a longish walk in the woods last weeek, with daughter in law and I managed to fall on an icy patch. My right leg is hovering between a nice mix of black/brown/blue and many split venes are circling around the knee which is the size of a good grapefruit…. I can walk, but with pain and at night the leg sends pain needles right up to my face and brains. Once I’m shaken, it goes always right up to my grey matter…. thus I know that I still have some brain cells left! 😉

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    • Sorry tp hear about your accident. Those things happen so quickly. At least you manage to stand up again and walk, although you will probably be taking it easy the next few days. That ice can be so dangerous.

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  3. Good after, the weather here still unsettled. It is overcast with rain the rest of Idaho is receiving snow from this storm. My ankle gave out this morning but I just managed to get another bruise on elbow. I hope have a trip to town today and stay safe.

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