FOWC with Fandango: Remiss

One of our larger buildings in our local town. It is known as the riding arena, although it has been many years since someone rode a horse in the hall. Over the past years it has been used for concerts from pop groups, for opera performances and concerts, even as place for the local government, but today it is being used for vaccinations against the Covid pandemic.

It does not seem to be functioning as it should, which does not surprise me. From today the public could phone to book their appointment. The result was that the telephone No. was blocked all day. You were put on a 10 munute waiting queue and were lucky if you were not disconnected. In other words aother example of how various authoties are overwhelmed with the development: whether England, Germany, Italy, even the States (and even little Switzerland) everyone is not able to fulfill the promise of immediate treatment.

Mankind no longer knows the exit from the situation. I spoke to the lady who organises the delivery of my MS medicine and she said even I will have to wait and see how the situation develops, even though I have a so-called underlying health issue. I feel OK more or less, but avoid situations of mixing with others. Our town is resembling a ghost town and in our village you rarely see anyone. Even the neighbours are keeping themselves to themselves.

And so life goes on. I cook and clean, Mr. Swiss reads a book and I like to keep myself busy with my computer. I now tend to listen to more radio through my ear buds. Perhaps a substitute for human contact.

FOWC with Fandango: Remiss

12 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Remiss

      • Funnily enough they were just talking about the rate at which all that would need to happen to make covid go away, and in terms of the no. vaccines per week, it seems impossible to do it in any sensible timeframe, It is very reminiscent of testing, lots of talking, little action.
        BoJo just announced, btw, we are locked down again. Main difference is the schools I think, but no difference at all to me.

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        • I mainly now watch BBC TV. Since Mr.Swiss has become an almost platinum oldie with his 81 years he goes to bed earlier so I can choose thevTV programme and so I watched Bojos broadcast. Nothing really new and I just have the feeling that he has no real solution. Perhaps I should watch German TV to see what Merkel says. The Swiss seem to do it all with press conferences, but always the same words.

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  1. It’s pretty much the same here. As it stands right now, Garry MAY get a vaccination by April, but since I’m only going to be 74 in March and apparently underlying conditions don’t count — maybe because there are just so many of them? — I might get vaccinated for the end of the summer, with luck. I’m trying really hard to stay sane, but it ain’t easy. I’m taking a LOT of pictures even though I’m not doing much with them, just taking them is a kind of release. I couldn’t even reach my doctor today. The lines were all tied up with COVID patients. Seriously. It seems like everyone is sick except us — and how long will that last I wonder? I’m so tired and the idea of being locked in here for another four to six (more?) months is not a good feeling at all.

    Stay sane, hang on in there, and try to remember when life was fun.

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    • I wanted to get some information about our vaccination today and called the number. It has stopped working, they are so overloaded with calls. Yesterday they vaccinated 50 people in our local area and a few even had their photos in the local paper. How ridiculous, the rest of us are just waiting and hoping. I just want to know what my chances are to get vaccinated with my varoius complaints. Going to your doctor here is out of the question. I dont even dare to make an appointment. I am slowly re-organising my life. Store trips are now at a minimum. Thank goodness I have a good delivery service online and only have to wait a day or two. I have everything I need at home. No. 1 son still goes into town, but he is active. He gets my bread and Mr. Swiss medicine as well as his cigarettes. No good telling him to give up. At the age of 81 I do not think he will be trying any new experiments.I am also still taking photos, although the suject matter no longer varies so much. It is very cold here, too cold now for me to go anywhere. I have never looked forward so much to the Spring. There are so many miles, even an ocean separating us, but we have the same problems.


  2. COVID 19 is a very big challenge to everyone and thanks be to Doctors for thier good work and vacinnation.Hope they will consider us kenyans.There are historicals buildings like that,but not being used for what were meant for.

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    • We have vaccinations but have to get on the waiting list. As long as I can stay at home I am satisfied. Our town was originally built very long ago and many of the buildings are very old. However, they are preserved and the style of the town must remain as well.


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