Good Morning

Nothing new this morning, except that I was almost convinced it was Monday. With relief I soon discovered that it was actually Sunday, whereas it makes no big difference. The end year holidays are over and we can perhaps return to living a normal life again, although for us golden oldies one day follows the other, so you have to make something of it yourself.

I do not have to go anywhere or deal with anything. My shopping is ordered for Monday morning, although I was a little bothered. I have coupons in value of 70 Swiss francs to deduct from my payment and could not find them on my app. I have been searching for a few days and this morning I found them. The app version of my store had moved them to another place. Breathing a sign of relief I also discovered the coupons for extra points on various articles. What an exciting life I lead, but it has become a hobby.

I had my usual feline visitor yesterday waiting for the cat goodies and naturally he got them. How can you resist. Roschti is now 18 years old and I have watched him grow up in our area. His original cat person moved away and took him with her. However, she had only moved to the near by town and he was escaping regularly to his old haunts. Eventually another neighbour of mine decided to adopt him and he has been here since. He used to be quite a wild one, but is now much tamer with age and even makes friendly signs when he sees me like contact as he walks past.

He is not the only feline in the neighbourhood as this one is also appearing now and again.She is not so much into feline tit bits, but prefers to perch on the edge of my garden to keep an eye on the bird movements. She owns another neighbour along the path and can be quite inquisitive. Roschti will never enter my home, but this one often takes a walk around to satisfy her curiosity.

The snow has now almost disappeared again, but I am expecting more next week. However our temperatures only freeze during the night at the moment and during the day it is not so bad.

I had one of those annoying computer problems yesterday. I had a few photos to process on my Acer computer and discovered that my mouse reaction was not so good I changed the mouse battery but the problem remained. I had to press twice as much to get my connection. After further investigation I discovered that the computer had no problem and it was really the mouse. There is nothing more annoying when your system does not function. However, I have a few old mice laying around, the problem being that the little connecting bits had disappeared. I found a decent mouse and even the little connecting piece from an old Lenovo computer which we no longer used. I fitted it up on my computer and voila, it worked so my evening was saved. Mr. Swiss and I then decided that it would be a good idea to purchase a new mouse just as a stand by to be sure: another online order with my supplier. I am already waiting for my bread baking tin and vacuum sealer rolls which I ordered.

I found this interesting gadget in my cellar last week. I realised it was something to use in the kitchen. You can mix your cooking ingredients with it without electricity. It is especially useful if you want to make your own mayonnaise because there is a very small hole at the top. Whilst you are beating the eggs you can add the oil slowly into the mixture and your mayonnaise is made. Just make sure that everything is room temperature. I have made mayonnaise myself, but that was some years ago, so it looks like I might do it again. I have a thing about food. I am not such a fan of ready made goods, although of course I buy them. I just prefer to know what I am eating and what it contains. Now, in my later years I have the time to discover the food world again. I have already found a recipe for garlic mayonnaise using fresh eggs and I remember in my earlier days I often made mayonnaise including lemon juice. Anyhow, after years of neglect of this gadget in my cellar, I put it in the dishwasher yesterday and now it is ready to be used.

Yesterday I watched yet again a Jurassic Park film. How many have they made? According to No. 1 son this was the second film. Once again homo sapiens fled from the monsters. Eventually they had to return a dinosaur and its baby to the island. The last scene in the film was a peaceful island with the dinos all left to themselves grazing amongst the plants and eating each other now and again. According to the film it was not the climate that killed them off, it seems they just ate each other and the dino population was thus decimated.

I am now off to complete the remaining chores of the morning, although it will be a leisurely thing, no rush. Have a good Sunday everyone and remember, Mr. Covid does not have a Sunday, he works every day unfortunately.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have a yoghurt maker that this post reminded me is in disuse. I remember it was simple to make, excellent to eat since it didn’t have gelatin or other additives, and was excellent with a bit of honey ort seasonal fruits. Your mayonnaise maker reminds me it’s been a time since I made mayonnaise, too, also so simple to make and superbly superior of the stuff in jars at the supermarket! I just used a whisk, though. I think these devices must have been set aside (in my instance) because they took a little time I thought I didn’t have when I was working.

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    • I am not a fan of yogurt. Now and again I might buy one, but I am not tempted to make it. Sometimes it is useful for a salard sauce. I have an electric mixer to make mayonnaise, but this little gadget is fitted with an easy way of adding the oil gradually. Many years ago I was a cook in a childrens day nursery and I always made the mayonnaise, mainly for financial reasons. I remember always adding lemon juice to it.


      • Yes, that’s the best mayonnaise! I made it from scratch after a friend who lived in Paruis made some from scratch, it was so delicious and easy looking to make, that I had to try to make some myself later. Of course, what I made was delicious, too, and was better each time I made it and got proportions worked out a bit better. The homemade yoghurt is lighter in texture, fresher tasting than the commercial product.


  2. Good morning … interesting kitchen gadget .. I had not seen anything like that. Your basement must be interesting if it has all sorts of things like this down there. I too am going through boxes of old stuff .. with a view towards weeding things out .. but all that ever seems to get accomplished … alas .. is that things get moved around .. although a bit does find its way to other places … have a great day. SLP …

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    • A lot of my stuff seems to have disappeared over the years. I put it away and forgot where I put it. I am now slowly discovering it again. Our basement has a very big room, known as hobby room, where Mr. Swiss keeps one of his drum sets and cymbals. He sometimes plays as not very many people notice it in the house.


  3. Good afternoon, I am early this morning Seeing Roschiti again brought a smile and your other cat also had me griming. Dawn is breaking out and it will another unsettled weather day. I have never made mayonnaise. I grew up with salad dressing. My gluten intolerance changed me to mayonnaise. Enjoy your kitchen and be safe.

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    • It’s evening here now and getting dark. Our cats seem to rule the place. We put mayonnaise on fish when eating it in Switzerland, one of our funny habits. We also always use salad dressing, but make my own, with onion, garlic, some mayonnaise and mustard mixed into a mixture of oilive oil and wine vineagar. You can buy it ready made in a bottle, but I have making salard dressing myself since living in Switzerland, 54 years. Not very much kitchen work today, will be using whats left from the long week-end.

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  4. Good morning .Thanks for the post,l enjoy reading them.We do also rare/tame cats here with other domesticated animais.They are so friendly and does alot of work,keeping the most dangerous animals away.e.g snakes and rats.

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    • The only dangerous animals that could bother our local feline population are dogs, but that is mutual. They quite like a tasty field mouse, but we have not snakes. Our rats live down by the river.


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