FOWC with Fandango: Avoid

My new year’s resolution: avoid the daily stress. Why go to the supermarket when the supermarket can come to you. Avoid the stress of pushing a cart piled with groceries, queuing at the cash desk, waiting to be served. And afterwards dragging the goods home to realise you have forgotten the milk, the bread or even the toilet rolls. There is only one solution, switch on the computer and go to the web site of your favourite supermarket. Just a click and you have it all in your virtual trolley. The second step is converting virtuality to reality and pay for the goods online. The goods will be delivered to your door. No more pushing and shoving to get to the special offers, just sit in your comfortable chair.

At least that is the way it should be. Unfortunately everyone is doing it and there is now a new invention called “slot”. This is the moment when you organise delivery. However, if there are no more slots you might have to wait a day or two, perhaps a week or two, and in the worst case a month, but rest assured you will get the goods eventually.

Otherwise there is only one alternative. Back to the old fashioned way of doing it all by real life.

FOWC with Fandango: Avoid

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