RDP Friday: Fresh

There is nothing better than the smell and taste of fresh bread. I am sure you will agree. As I am no longer as mobile as I used to be and order groceries on line, it is now becoming a problem to have fresh bread daily, so I freeze it. Here you can see my supply in the deep freezer which would last about a week if necessary. This is a good solution, although frozen bread is frozen. After a week it still tastes as fresh as when you froze it, but a month or two later it will be begin to crumble when thawed for eating. It leaves a trail of crust remains on the bread board when cutting. My No. 1 autistic son will go to the store to fetch bread daily, that is no problem. He has his excuse to get out into town.

I have now made the decision to bake my own bread: perhaps not daily, but definitely a couple of times in the week. We are confronted with a pandemic, I am handicapped with my MS and so I decided this would be the best solution. Me being me and wanting to know it all, I have been doing some research on Aunty Internet examining various recipes and how to do it. I have discovered that the actual process of making the bread pastry is no big deal, it just need a little time to rise. We can organise yeast from my store delivery and flour is no problem, so what could possibly go wrong?

I also discovered that a baking tin would be a good idea for baking the bread in the correct form. I investigated my online supplier of various goods and discovered the ideal baking tin. The price was right and delivery will be made next week. At the same time I realised that my supply of plastic packing for my vaccum sealer for freezing groceries was at a low level, so that has also been ordered – 8 rolls, which should keep me going for part of the next year.

Yes, my home will soon be full of the freshly baked bread aroma – I hope. I have baked bread before, but it was many years ago, and only as an experiment and not a necessity. However, at the age of 74 you are never to old to learn. Next week the experiment will begin. After all the president and president elect of the states are my age, even older. If they can be president, I can definitely bake bread.

I have memories of visiting a friend in her farm house. Apparently farmers always bake their own bread and she was well equipped with her special bread baking oven. I visited her on Saturday when she baked our special platt bread for her family (she had 5 children) and her relations. However, I do not think I will begin to bake bread for the neighbours, but who knows.

RDP Friday: Fresh

13 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Fresh

  1. At various times in my life, I baked my own bread. The first time, I decided at dinnertime to bake bread — it came out of the oven at 3 am! (Suggestion, the first time, start early in the day!). I was too tired even to taste it, but later continued on to bake a loaf a week. Later on, I used box mixes, which worked just as well as from scratch, if the yeast was fresh. Sometimes I substituted my own yeast. And still later, I had a bread machine, and baked all my own bread from different recipes! There’s nothing like fresh bread!

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  2. At one time I used a bread machine to make my Gluten-free bread. When it came out of the machine it was very good but after it set a while it wasn’t so good. As I had been making without bread so long I continue to go without until a couple of years ago when one maker came with GF bread. I now eat it all the time.

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  3. I love to bake bread and use instant yeast so there is no need to proof the dough. So much easier! The smell of fresh baked bread….it is wonderful. Have fun baking.

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