Good Morning

First of all Happy New Year to all. I am sure it will be a better one than the last, it must be after what we all went through in the last. What a sight this morning when I looked out the window. It must have snowed throughout the night. It coated my garden completely, but it seems to be a friendly snow Not hard and freezing but soft to the touch.

I was just listening to one of my favourite classical pieces and thought I would share it: intermezzo from the Karelia Suite by Sibelius, something to begin the day with.

I did not wait for the New Year yesterday evening, although there would have been only a quarter of an hour to go. I was thinking of going to bed but the film “Sound of Music” was on the TV with Julie Andrews etc. I knew the story of the von Trapp family from Austria but had never seen the film, which has really nothing to do with the actual facts. However, I decided to watch and enjoy. It was typical kitsch, but brought back a few musical memories.

I was also busy at last making my cake. This time it was an orange cake. Instead of showing the finished product, which even Mr. Swiss found was great, I am showing the mess that you make when actually making a cake mixture. I even found a remainder of Cointreau which was almost a miracle in my non-alcoholic household, although I always have some red and white wine for cooking various meat dishes.. The recipe said two tablespoons of cointreau. I still have enough for a second cake. I am now toying with the idea of baking my own bread. Living a life of isolation due to the weather and Mr. Covid I have the time.

I am still making sure that our feathered friends have enough to eat in this Winter weather, although they disappear as soon as the notice a movement from my camera.

I also noticed paw prints in the snow this morning from our neighbouring cats.

And now to get down to a little housework, although I have everything under control. The only excitement at the moment is hearing the snow clearing machines on the road and our local estate. At least the paths are clear, although I am not going anywhere. Have a good day everyone, whether under snow or in the sunshine according to which part of the world you are in.

35 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning and happy new year. I hope the new year is safe, prosperous and healthy for you and your family. Keep up posting the great photos every morning .. we will be checking in to see what treats they hold in store for us. SLP …

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  2. Have very blessed 2021. Someone set off fireworks last night but they missed the time as it went off at 10:10 PM. We still haven’t had a good snowstorm just a few drizzle of snow that melded fast. The sun is shining out and is just above freezing out. There was an accident someone killed. Have a plasant evening. I enjoy reading you new baking. Stay safe.

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    • We had continuous fireworks yesterday night until early morning hours. It must have snowed all night. This morning everything was covered, but in the meawhile it has thawed a little and you can hear the drips falling from the trees. Have a good start to the new year.

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  3. Happy New Year!
    Those prints in the snow are still funny. Kitties do some funny things anyway.
    Julie Andrews lived part time in a home in Malibu years ago, probably while she worked nearby. My colleague worked on the landscape. That seemed odd to me. I always thought of her as Austrian, with an English accent.

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    • When we get snow I find some strange pawprints in the snow sometimes. Julie Andrews is a British as you can get. she also owned a chalet in Gstaad in Switzerland where most of the famous live. We would sometimes spend our Summer holiday in Gstaad and I saw her chalet She even paid for the Christmas decorative lights hung on the chalets for the whole village as she found it would look so nice, and it did.

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