Good Morning

We got another one of those wonderful sunrises this morning and in the distance you can even see the beginning of the mountains in the Bernese Overland. I take these photos with zoom from my front garden although this morning I had to be careful. Walking across a few ice patches in my house shoes is not exactly ideal, but what we do for a photo knows no bounds. Some climb mountains and I just walk across the garden. There are now only a few patches of snow and ice left from yesterday. During the day it thaws, but with night temperatures of below freezing it remains.

The cold weather does not seem to deter my birds and even my robin decided to perch on a tree for a better view of everything.

And here he is again keeping a safe distance from the other birds. This was really a lucky shot and it was only when I uploaded it that I realised my robin was with the other birds. He usually avoids other company especially when eating.

There was just a little too much snow around yesterday to venture out, so I stayed at home, sending No. 1 son to get my bread. I do have frozen bread which is OK when you do not have any, but if there is a possibility to buy it freshly baked then we do prefer it and No. 1 son likes an excuse to go into town. I have now got myself covered for food for the next complete week. Based on Winter experience gathered over my years I remember going back to work after the New Year. We were always greeted with thick layers of snow and almost impassable roads as having to be in the office already at 7.30 in the morning meant that the road clearing machines had not yet completed their work. This was the reason I decided to place a nice online order to ensure I did not have to go places outside and do things next week. If the weather would be OK for mobility, I would do a little shopping, but now it will not be necessary. I am in the lucky position of have a deep freezer chest in the cellar, a normal sized freezer in my kitchen and even two refrigerators. I have a fridge in the kitchen and also one in my so-called office to store my MS medicine, so what could be better. I usually order three months supply of my injection material, but as it empties over the month, there is always room for more.

I surprise myself with my new way of golden oldie life. At the beginning I had to get used to my new routine, but now there is no problem. I even now have a good friend with one of the guys that delivers from the supermarket, although they have three chauffeur and all nice blokes. Having the groceries delivered does not cost more than usual as I do not have to pay a delivery charge. Mr. Swiss is amazed when he discovers that he has a necessity. I tell him no problem, and disappear to my laundry/store room and replace it for him. I discovered that once I had the standard basis for what I need, it is only a questions of replenishing the supply now and again. I have a new hobby.

And now to move on with my other hobby, housework. Even that has its interesting aspects, especially when you suddenly find something that was missing. Mr. Swiss could not find his mobile photo this morning. I found it next to mine on the table. Today will be another isolated day and I really must get around to baking the cake I wanted to bake since three days. Have a good day, and a happy New Year to all wherever you are. We are all hoping that it will be a better one that this one was.