Good Morning

And another snowy morning. Some time in the night I woke for a visit to a certain place, where most of us golden oldies go and took a look out of the window and yes, it was snowing: large flakes were falling and this here is the result. Actually it is not so bad as we have 1°C meaning that it is already thawing a little. I am not sure if it will thaw to have a chance to go shopping this afternoon. Today I have a delivery from my store which will take me through until Monday apart from what I already have in the freezer.

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky as our snow had almost completely melted and I could get to the local store (it is just along the main road in the distance on the left – a 5-10 minute trip on my scooter. I had two bags full when finished but I met a married couple in the store, also getting their supplies who are my neighbours, just a door away. In the meanwhile whilst I was in the store it had began to rain. My neighbour was there with his car and offered to take my shopping in his car which was great. I then only had to drive off home afterwards and I met them both again in our underground garage where they were unpacking all the shopping. I was so glad for their help and now all I had to do was to transport my shopping up to the apartment. Eventually we all helped each other with opening doors. We have been living side by side for more than 20 years and we had a discussion about coping in the bad weather. Like me, she also has a deep freezer in the cellar with accompanying machine to vacuum the goods to freeze. Yes, life gets a little different when you are a golden oldie, they are both golden oldies as we are.

It looks like next week will be a cold and snowy one so yesterday I began to plan next weeks survival rations. Practice makes perfect and thanks to my store in the cellar I should be decked for all I need. I am still working on it and will programme the delivery for next Monday.

I was not intending to write anything this morning as I am a little later, so I am now off. Have a good day, keep safe and all that jazz.

Mr. Robin paid us a visit yesterday.

Mr. Magpie was also here and managed to find a peanut.