Good Morning

I was expecting it, but am not very happy about it. During the night I had a quick look outside and noticed it was raining and this morning the rain had changed to snow. However I can already see that it has begun to melt a little and the roads are clear How it will be by this afternoon when I was really planning to go to the store to get a few items I do not know. Basically I have enough to survive the week for lunch but my cold cuts are not so much. That is something I cannot freeze. I will have to wait and see in the afternoon. At 3.30 early in the morning I was awake and finished my online order to be delivered from the supermarket. I had a look yesterday and saw there were free slots from Monday to Wednesday. This morning Monday was already fully booked so I organised my delivery for Wednesday morning before the complete week is occupied. If I am really snowed in all week, No. 1 son an always get a few necessities. I also noticed my Vitamin D drops are slowly going to an end, and that is something I have to get in town. I have decided to avoid town this week, but No. 1 son always enjoys an excuse to go to town, although all the restaurants are now closed. Due to Mr. Covid, only stores with food are open as well as chemists for medicine. The grass is now appearing again outside, meaning that the snow might be gone by this afternoon. All I need is just an hour escape time.

The sparrows were quick out in the garden for breakfast. I notice they are now eating a lot more since the weather has got colder.

I was watching an interesting programme on the TV yesterday. It is called country file, and was actually more flash backs, but one of the sequences showed a professional animal photographer giving a few tips on how to take closeups of animal life with the mobile phone camera. He said to take binoculars, focus on the subject for a closer look and then put the camera to the viewer on the binocular. You have now converted your telephone camera to a zoom camera. I tried it this morning, but it did not work for me. There must be a trick I am missing somewhere. Of course I have my Nikon camera, but when I take photos with the mobile phone I can upload them immediately and do not have to wait.

In the meanwhile I have to go out in the snow and cold to get a nice close up. I am now sitting in the warmer kitchen and noticed that it is snowing again, although more similar to rain which I am hoping for.

I should now be off for the daily trek through the apartment. Look after yourselves, stay safe. See you around.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … the photos look nice … the early part of the snowfall is always a kind, restful, magical event for me .. .I am always reminded of the final scene in the Bing Crosby movie “White Christmas” where it finally starts to snow at the ski resort … but then reality sets in with the ice … and the slush … agh …. you know what I am saying … on Sunday nights here now on the public broadcasting TV station .. they have a second channel actually which is U.K. .. I watch Judi Dench every night at 7:30 … Time goes by .. .I have seen them all a million times but I enjoy them and they are good ensemble acting … but now on Sunday nights they are showing this series about people in U.K. looking with a real estate agent at houses in the country .. last night the first hour was Somerset ..the second hour was something called the Scottish Border Region …. I am learning about the different parts of the U.K, ,,, it certainly is a very pretty country. Have a great day…. SLP …

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    • I watched the film White Christmas again last week. It still has its charm. The snow did eventually arrive at the end, although throughout the film they were all waiting for it. I have seen the series where people are looking for a house. I think one of the things I like watching the BBC TV is because of the British countryside. Otherwise our TV stations would be Switzerlad (in three different versions according to which language you speak) and the surrounding European countries. Germany also have some good series.


  2. Good m to you too! We only experience times of rainy and sunny seasons.I have learn about the climatic conditions there,it is somehow defferent from ours .I can see the place,trees looks wonderfull there Keep it up for your good work of writing.

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  3. It must be evening for you as it is noon right now. I am behind today, I had breakfast my shower which stress me out. This morning it was storm clouds but they are gone as the sun is shining. My social media are setting up challenges for 2021, all are looking for brighter 2021 and hope the virus will under control. Have good tomorrow with no snow.

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  4. Good Day!
    It rained overnight here too, but without snow. It is appreciated here. We do not get much rain. However, now that the fire season is over, there is concern about debris flows. Too much rain can make a slurry of the ash.

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