FOWC with Fandango: Gall

My concentration today is not so good
Watching Jurassic park with dinosaurs doing what they should
Such a good film, and showing me the way
That it is not so good to play with DNA
Now is the end, everything is good
The goodies won the day doing what they should
I think it was film No. 4, or was it 5 or 6
It does not really matter, it was full of tricks
And now back to real life. although I feel so small
Seeing all those monsters dealing out their gall

FOWC with Fandango: Gall FOWC with Fandango

RDP Sunday: Caravan

Once a year, usually in July or August, our town is taken over by caravans. The Swiss circus Knie arrives with their staff.

They take over part of the town. It is interesting to see how they build the tent, only to dismantle it three days later. Since I have been living in Switzerland for the past 53 years they travel throughout the Summer visiting the larger towns. It is a family business handed down from father to son and all are active in the circus, mainly training the animals.

I have never been to the circus, I do not like circus, but it part of Swiss tradition.

RDP Sunday: Caravan

Good Morning

When I opened the bedroom door this morning, Mr. Swiss was already up a few minutes before and had began to raise the blinds. I saw a red glow already from the room next to the bedroom reflecting through the window. I had my mobile phone with me and opened the window to take a closer look. What a wonderful surprise, and about time. There had been a few hints about a wonderful sunrise some time, but now temperatures have dropped and below zero through the night. This was fantastic. It was the view southwards where the alps are in the Bernese overland and you could even see their outline in the distance

I then took a look on the opposite side towards the North. The Jura was quite clear, with the clouds lifting slowly and there was a new sprinkling of snow. At least the day began well. It is still quite cold. When I wanted to refill the water bowl for the birds, I had to clear out the solid ice first of all. I noticed the birds are eating more since it has got colder.

My little lonely robin also calls past now and again.

I am not very pleased about the weather forecast for next week. I see rain on Monday, which is not so bad as I will only be going along the road to the local store. However, as the week progresses there will still be rain in between and temperatures of 1-3° C meaning a good chance of snow. I have enough food to survive on for the week, but need to replenish the supplies now and again with some fresh meat from the butchers. I am working out in my head constantly how to plan meals. I also notice that I have a good chance to place an online order if I do it today. Delivery slots are open until Wednesday. You can order coldcuts with no problem, but meat is difficult as you do not know what you get.

I seem to have had a week of Sundays behind me, but at last today is the last one and for the next four days we can more or less return to a bit of normality. I only have three people to feed, but I wonder how large families manage. Otherwise I seem to spend the day with a little cleaning, cooking and washing, although no stress. I have my machines to do it all. Of course the computer and camera help to break the monotony, but slowly I am getting a little cabin fever and would like to go places. Television is also no big help and I was tired of watching the same films yesterday evening or the monotonous quiz programmes. Even my favourite soap, East Enders, is no longer bringing anything exciting.

Yesterday I cooked on of my easy meals. I had red cabbage which I did myself, with a ham and boiled potatoes. It is easy to make and something warming in the colder days. Now the big meals are over, although I chose food that gave no stress and today we are back to pasta with tuna fish in a tomato sauce. I also have some ham left as it was a larger piece and that will be something for this evening. I will also be glad to buy some fresh bread tomorrow. In the meanwhile we have been living on frozen bread which is OK, but tends to crumble when cutting.

Life will be a little different next week as we return to square one of the corona system. Food stores and telecomunication stores will be open for sales, but all unnecessary items will not be available. This probably means our local town will again be a ghost town. I should make an arrangement to have my hair cut it has not been so long for some time, but it does not bother me too much. I am not going places, the only person that sees me is my mirror reflection and Mr. Swiss. I wear a nice warm woolly hat when going places so my hair is invisible. I also discovered that now I have the chance to actually let it grow without looking too untidy. Visiting a hairdresser is not an ideal situation at the moment.

I am now off to do something useful like having a morning shower. Have a good day, take it easy. Phase one of the holidays is now behind us, we can now stress around again to prepare for phase two and afterwards life becomes normal again – I hope.

We even had blue skies yesterday afternoon.