Good Morning

At last I am here. I have really been dithering around this morning. First of all get the bird food ready outside in the garden, which means today putting on my long black warm padded coat as it is a little colder. There was a very thin layer of ice on the water bowl but no frost on the ground. It is also not snowing which I am glad about. And so I began to take a few photos, as I have been nowhere and seen nothing special over Christmas. It is now my third day of self imposed isolation at home and I am not doing too badly. I keep myself busy with a little housework and cooking. In between have a look to see what the TV has to offer. We were never a family for socialising so much, just close family and now as we get older even less. I do not mind, stress is now for me a thing of the past.

Yesterday was another easy meal to do. In the evening I decided it would be a help yourself from the fridge. I still had some beef filet which was very tender and can be eaten as a little luxury cold cuts. I was astonished to see Mr. Swiss had begun to deck the table with plates and cutlery. I told him that was now a thing of the past. I had done my duty cooking lunch and now we can just take a seat somewhere and take it easy, at least I would. He thought I was going to warm up the meat which I never intended. It was not very much actually. I told him if he wanted a cooked meal he can use the microwave. I settled in front of the TV with my meat and some bread and the remainder of the brussel sprouts with the last Jurassic Park film which suited me.

Those dinosaurs could be so sweet. I had seen the film before, but not all as in between I remember I was in the cellar with my washing machine and missed a few bits and pieces. This time I saw it from beginning to end.

Son No. 1 was quite happy to do his own thing. Today I will be cooking a ham, which is not big task, and will be serving it with cooked red cabbage and potatoes: another easy to cook meal.

I got a flight demonstration from one of the local magpies this morning and managed to catch him in full flight. It was with my telephone camera but I was quite pleased with the result.

The Jura mountains behind my home were also clear to see this morning, with a fresh layer of snow. It seems up in the heights there is quite a lot of snow, but I am glad when it stays up there.

And now to get my ham cooking and prepare the cabbage. Otherwise I might be busy making a cake today. I have some oranges and found a recipe for a Florida orange cake whatever that might be. It will keep me busy for a hour this afternoon. Enjoy the remains of the Christmas holiday. As I am sitting here I noticed that the sun is out in the garden, so naturally had to take a photo.

We even have the beginnings of a blue sky, so it looks like a good start to the day. Look after yourselves and have a good one.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning!!! Wonderful photos…. just remember … it is only 10 weeks until Spring!!! I don’t know about you but the weeks are passing ever faster and faster here … it seems like it was just yesterday that we went food shopping .. which was last Saturday!!! and now it is time again!!! So 10 weeks will go by lickety-split!!! Have a great day … SLP …

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    • Now that is a good thought. Just cannot wait for Spring to arrive. At last the Christmas shut down is finished. Just the New year to get through and then back to normal, although normal s not as normal as it used to be

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  2. Good afternoon, it snowed last night but turned to rain. The snow is mostly gone but Idaho’s got a lot of snowmaking ski resorts happy. I need to get up and make myself something to eat. Enjoy your ham, cabbage, and cake.

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    • We have sun and cold weather, but the clouds are disappearing and we even had blue skies this afternoon. Dinner was fine and now for tomorrow and then back to the old routine. I quite enjoyed taking it easy over the last few days.

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