FOWC with Fandango: Itinery

I am not going anywhere far at the moment. My longest journey is down to the cellar where I have my freezer chest. According to what is frozen the meal itinery is formed. I have enough to keep me for a couple of weeks, I just have to remember to remove it in time. No-one likes chewing on frozen bread.

Oh the wonder of discovering frozen food. bought a few weeks ago. No more stress shopping in the store with last minute food at holiday time. My journey through life now has a different aspect.

FOWC with Fandango: Itinery

RDP Friday: Humanity

In the museum a brotosaurus standing to be seen
A model, not real, something out of a dream
Life goes on, they belong to the past
Humans disappeared and that was a blast
Future generations would see how we were
Coronus with legs and feet began to occur
It was their aim to take over the world
Changing their shapes, their appearance unfurled
Their sticky hands clinging on to each other
They would laugh at the humans, which they learned how to smother
Brontosauraus died out, we do not know why
Humans we conquered by a very small fry.

RDP Friday: Humanity

Good Morning

It was not a particular super morning, but there was a little light in the sky and no snow in the lowlands, so let us be thankful for small mercies: although snow or no snow does not bother me. I am not going anywhere today, tomorrow or the day after.

Our Christmas evening is now over. It was quite painless, although cooking in the evening is not really my thing when everyone else just watches TV and waits for the call to come and get it. It was not really a lot to prepare and in an hour I was ready for the meal. I even had a sit down and relax in between. There was a lovely carol service on the British TV from King’s college in London to accompany the food. Today is Christmas Day, the big day in some countries when the kids get their gifts and the turkey is on the table. Our customs are a little different and our big thing was yesterday evening on Christmas Eve. Today there will also be some good food.

The magpies were busy seeing what the daily table had to offer and so were the sparrows.

Even my friend Mr. Robin ventured a peck at some food, but as usual very shy and when the others were not looking.

Yesterday was a television evening for us, although there was not a great choice. I eventually landed with a film about the life of Elvis Presley. I was a fan like most others that grew up with rock and roll. Looking at his films today, they are no longer something special, but they were hits when originally released. I even have a 45 rpm disc of “All Shook Up” at home. It is very old from my younger days, so perhaps valuable.

This morning one of my first escapades was again to the deep freezer in the cellar to get today’s meat. No turkey here. it is not such a big thing in Switzerland. There are a few farmers that have them, but there are not so many in the stores. I feel sorry for the poor birds. They only purpose in life seems to be eaten by humans, although most chickens have the same destiny. I remember when I was a kid and the only time in the year we had a chicken was Christmas. It was really a big deal when mum collected her chicken at the butchers. Today we eat them without a thought. It has even been relegated to one of the more common meat dishes.

I can now hear the church bells ringing in the village for the Christmas service. I even hear the local train on its way early this morning. I remember my oldest cousin who always worked on Christmas day until the evening. It was many years ago and he worked on the newspapers in Fleet Street in London. They had to be printed whatever the day, Christmas or not.

What do I see from my window. It has begun to snow, very fine flocks but the could get bigger. And I am now off to my daily work, although no stress. Enjoy your Christmas, even if you are living in semi isolation. Just enjoy the food and relaxation. Even if I am a non believer, I wish everyone a merry Christmas.