Good Morning

At last one of those wonderful sunrises, it has been a long time coming. Yesterday looked quite promising in the morning, but the clouds arrived at midday and when I awoke from my after dinner sleep, ready to go on a shopping tour, it had begun to rain. It only rained once, but non-stop. I ventured out all the same in my scooter, but thanks to my nice woolly hat, stayed more or less dry. My glasses needed windshield wipers but I arrived safely at the store.

I am a little later this morning. It is fresh linen day on the beds. I was thinking of postponing it to next week as Chrismas would be in the way otherwise. On the other hand I decided to do it a day earlier to get it done with. I can then wash the linen this evening in my machine without anyone being disturbed in our block. I did not trust myself to let the machine run in the cellar on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is our traditional big celebration in Switzerland when the kids get their gifts and the big meal is served. We will be joining in, but without the presents. We just have a good meal together. Anyhow the beds are now stripped and it is just a matter of replacing the bed linen which is no great problem.

I also had a telephone call from son No.2 about some family business which has also put me behind. Photos are few at the moment, so we must all celebrate our morning sunrise together.

At the moment I do not have so much time for taking photos until this Christmas stress is behind me. I am planning a fondue chinoise some time over Christmas or New Year. That is a pot of bouillon cooking in a hot pot over a flame. The meat (calf, beef or veal) is finely sliced and held with a fork in the liquid until cooked which goes very quickly. It is then eaten after coating it with a favourite sauce. I have realised I have no cooking alcohol to put in the cooking apparatus so will have to buy a bottle today. Otherwise there is really very little I now need for the holidays. From 27th December will be in a complete lock down with only food stores open. Then everything is closed again for the New Year on 1st and 2nd January. Then the week-end follows so stores will only be open again on 4th January, another long holiday. I have now had enough of this holiday stress and will be glad when it is all over.

Otherwise nothing happening here in Angloswiss land worth talking about. I just hope the rain stays away today. Afterwards it no longer bothers me until next week. All I can say is have a good day, may Mr. Covid stay away.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos of the sunrise … it looks like the beginning of a great day. Just one more little tiny thing .. your cooking fuel for your fondue pot .. and you will be set .. it sounds like for the entire week !!! That is great news. Have a great holiday and I hope your family enjoys all the wonderful things you are going to cook. SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon, I am early this morning. Nothing much is happening Christ dinner will tomorrow as Kathy has 3 days off. The sky looks like it will start off sunny, cold and wind. The sunrise is lovely and we had as unset last night. Have awonderful day and stay safe on your visit to town.

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